ADM MA (Research)

The M.A. in Art, Design and Media offers a creative environment in which students tailor their curriculum to their unique scholarly and creative interests and apply theory to original research. Students develop a critical understanding of the scholarly implications of creativity in highly digitized culture. There are two options to complete the degree: thesis or art practice thesis.

This research-oriented MA is designed for students who wish to pursue cutting-edge research in specific areas of Art, Design and Media. The MA has been structured to keep the number of required courses to a minimum (three) so that students’ time and energy can be utilized fully in the research topic of their choice. Students will work under the close supervision of ADM faculty for the duration of their studies.

  • ​Our internationally renowned faculty members who combine theory and practice, preparing student artists to theorize their own experience in art, design and media.
  • Dynamic hub where international scholars, thinkers, and artists share their experiences with graduate students through regular ADM Lecture Series, workshops, screenings, exhibitions, and Digital Humanities Research Cluster.
  • Cutting-edge resources and facilities including ADM Library, research lounge for ADM graduate students, sound stage, motion-capture studio, 3D printing lab, movie theatres, dark room, print lab, digital sound lab, sound mixing studio, virtual reality (VR) studio, animation, and editing suites.
  • Active graduate communities, such as Graduate Club and TGIF (Thoughtful Gathering and Insightful Friday), where students share their own research and thoughts.
  • Interdisciplinary approach to embrace diverse disciplines at NTU while we stand at the centre of our core question on Art, Design and Media.
  • Multicultural environment where diversity becomes a prerequisite for intellectual dialogues and creative collaborations for innovative thinking.

Course Code/ TitleCourse ClassificationGroup/ SectionDay/ TimeInstructors/ Lecturer (s)Venue
AP7049 Proseminar in Art, Design and MediaCOREG1THU 
0930 - 1220
Assoc Prof Chul HeoADM ART-01-07
AP7049 Proseminar in Art, Design and MediaCOREG2THU
1630 – 1920
Assoc Prof Chul HeoADM-ART-01-07
AP7046 Design: An Asian PerspectiveELECTIVEG1WED
0930 - 1220
Assoc Prof Peer SathikhLearning Hub North (The Arc)
AP7054 Experiencing Art & TechnologyELECTIVEG1TUE 0930 - 1220Assoc Prof Louis-Philippe DemersADM ART-B1-03
AP7055 Art in the Age of Creative MachineELECTIVEG1TUE
1630 - 1920
Assoc Prof Ina Conradi ChavezADM ART-02-17

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