Research Focus

Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology

Researchers in this area focus on bioprocess, biocatalysis, bacteriology, protein engineering and systems biology for the production of chemicals, pharmaceutical and biologics.

Food Science & Technology

Researchers in this area focus on diverse aspects relating to sustainable food production, processing technology and reduction of food wastage through better processing technologies, food safety, to nutrition and functional food.

Translational Healthcare and Biomedical Technology

Researchers in this area focus on integrating expertise and techniques using innovative biomaterials, biomedical device, bioimaging, monitoring technologies, diagnostic, therapeutic, and prosthetic devices or tools to promote enhancements in prevention, diagnosis, and therapies in order to improve the global healthcare system significantly.

Chemical Engineering

Researchers in this area focus on the catalysis and reaction engineering, colloids and interface sciences, energy technologies, and process systems engineering to solve fundamental chemical engineering problems arising in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Research Centres


Centre for Antimicrobial Bioengineering


NTU Food Technology Centre (NAFTEC)

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