Adaptive build envelope assembly for powder-bed 3D printing systems

Adaptive Build

Technology Overview

As 3D printing systems undergo technological advancements, their appeal to mainstream manufacturing industries results in the production of large build-volume 3D printers. This leads to an increase in the initial volume of powdered material required in the powder-bed to carry out a print job. This increases the total cost incurred to the user, especially during new material development for 3D printing processes of novel, industry relevant metals and alloys.

This technology focuses on the design and utilization of an adaptive build envelope assembly for powder-bed 3D printing systems. It aims to reduce the powder consumption for a particular build height, when the actual usage does not require coverage of the entire build volume for preliminary sample deposition.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology comprises of:

  • A shaped assembly that is easily attached on/detached from the original powder-bed build tank
  • Said shaped assembly features a telescopic design that enables a flexible extension to adapt to the intended build height capacity. This is achieved through the addition of additional assembly layers

Potential Applications

This assembly has been designed to fit in any powder-bed 3D printing system without causing any permanent damage to the original build envelope. Simple variations to the design can be carried out to cater to the needs of the users

Customer Benefits

  • Significant reduction in powder quantity required for printing
  • Simple installation and detachment. No damage to the original build envelope
  • Cost-effective and customizable
  • Universally applicable to any powder-bed 3D printing systems