Frequently Asked Questions

What classifies as Research Misconduct?

Research Misconduct includes fabrication, falsification or misrepresentation of data, plagiarism or other wrongdoing in printing, designing, performing recording, supervising or reviewing research or in reporting research results or in breaching other relevant national legislation, rules and guidelines. It also includes self-plagiarism with the undisclosed publication of similar papers in different journals. It does not include honest error or honest differences in interpretations or judgments of data.

What are the Policies and Guidelines on Research Integrity that I should be aware of?

The resources found on this website are aimed at helping researchers learn more about how integrity in research can be practiced. However, the resources provided are not exhaustive and those engaged in research are required to be updated on best practices. If you have any queries a specific area of research or are unsure about how the policies and guidelines reflected in this website apply to you, please  Contact Us.

How can I learn more about the Research Integrity Online Programme?

Information regarding the RI Online Programme can be found  here. If you have a specific question not found in this list, please  Contact Us.

I have problems completing my RI declaration. Who can I contact?

If you are facing issues completing the RI delcaration, please get in touch with a Research Integrity Point of Contact (RIPOC) from your school / institute. If you are unsure who your school's / institute's RIPOC is, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Will my identity be protected if I make a complaint?

All reports made regarding allegations of research misconduct in all its aspects will be handled with strict confidentiality. However, in the course of an investigation, details of the complainant may become apparent, for instance when the relationship between him and the respondent is made known. In all cases, the University does not condone any possible retaliation to the complainant and will employ best efforts to protect his identity.