Grant Call 2021


Open Science for Reproducibility and Societal Benefit

NTU's grant call on research integrity for 2021 is now open for applications. This grant call will fund research proposals to study open science for reproducibility, develop open science datasets to enhance societal impact, and recommend strategies for the wider adoption of open science practices among researchers.  

This grant call is made under the Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1, and will fund research proposals up to a maximum project value $50,000 over 18 months. For a list of fundable and non-fundable items under AcRF Tier 1 research projects, please refer to the administrative guidelines here.  ​


  • Each PI is allowed to submit only one application
  • Full Time Faculty Members of NTU who hold appointment at the university for a minimum of 9 months a year are eligible to apply.
  • Please note that Visiting Professors, Adjunct Professors and research staffs are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants with overdue Tier 1 reports as of 01 Dec 2021 are not eligible to apply.




If you have any queries, please contact Ms Anna Stanislaws ([email protected]).


About the Research Integrity Grant Call

NTU regards the promotion of good research practices and adherence to the highest level of research integrity as being of major importance. The aim of this grant call is to promote and enhance the adoption of good research practices and contribute towards policy development. 

Our inaugural grant call on research integrity was launched in 2018, and focused on understanding how research integrity practices are viewed across the university at various levels and across disciplines. In 2019, this grant call aimed at understanding researchers’ behaviours that can affect the promotion of good practices in research integrity and ethics. The most recent grant call in 2020 evaluated best practices related to research data management and data integrity that could be applied to the University.


Projects Awarded in 2018:

Asst Prof Lisa Winstanley, School of Art, Design and Media
Reviewing the Prevalence of Visual Plagiarism Within a Visual Arts Context

Assoc Prof Josip Car, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine 
Climate for Research Integrity in NTU

Asst Prof Yusuf Ali, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Effectiveness of Data Audits as a tool to increase awareness and compliance of Data Management

Projects Awarded in 2019:

Asst Prof Leng Ho Keat, National Institute of Education 
Perceptions and attitudes in IRB applications

Assoc Prof Xin Chang, Nanyang Business School
Evidence for P-hacking in experimental business research and potential remedies

Assoc Prof Fabian Lim, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Perceptions and reactions of NTU researchers to different forms of research integrity training methods


Projects Awarded in 2020:

Asst Prof David Lallemant, Asian School of the Environment 
Cultivating Responsible and Ethical Data Practices in Hazards and Disaster Research

Assoc Prof Gianluca Esposito, School of Social Sciences
A survey of Questionable Research Practices and Solutions among Education and Psychology researchers at NTU

Assoc Prof Anwitaman Datta, School of Computer Science and Engineering
DataGovernR: Governance of Research Data