Published on 04 Apr 2023

Professor Ulrich Trautwein visits NIE

On the 4th of April, Prof Ulrich Trautwein visited SoLEC, engaging with researchers across various OER departments. Prof Trautwein discussed several pointers for student assessment and teaching style, sharing research using 360-degree videos for new teachers to understand classroom settings better and research exploring the transfer effect of teaching music on math. Prof Trautwein emphasized the need to move towards understanding education systems across countries to help improve local systems and the importance of optimizing the development of self-regulation.  


From left to right: Dr Tan Mei Ying, Ms Rajarajan Udhayanithi, Mr Orhun Timurcan Ozcelik, Ms Wah Shih Fenn, Prof Poon Kin Loong Kenneth, Prof Ulrich Trautwein, Dr Dennis Kwek, Asst Prof Azilawati Jamaludin, Dr Tan Ser Hong, Dr Yuvaraj Rajamanickam.