Published on 04 Apr 2024

Dr Wong Lung Hsiang co-publishes a journal article in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL) and is a guest editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Education special issue

Dr Wong Lung Hsiang, Senior Education Research Scientist and the co-Programme Director of the Learning Sciences and Innovation Research Programme at the Centre of Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), co-wrote a journal article titled “From Hype to Insight: Exploring ChatGPT’s Early Footprint in Education via Altmetrics and Bibliometrics” in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL). The article explores the emergence of ChatGPT in education literature, highlighting concerns about publication quality and methodology amid initial research interest and media hype. Employing a novel approach combining altmetrics and bibliometrics, the research reveals a significant correlation between media/social media mentions and academic citations, emphasising the urgency of ChatGPT integration into educational practice. Findings also underscore the need for a standardised keyword taxonomy and the integration of Large Language Models to enhance keyword analysis in altmetric and bibliometric tools, signaling the evolving nature of ChatGPT research from rapid publication to rigorous inquiry.

He was also a guest editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Education Special Issue “Insights and Inquiries: Probing Generative AI's Educational Landscape in Asia-Pacific", which featured nine papers that collectively emphasising the importance of considering human-machine relationships, practical utilisation, and ethical implications. The journal underscores the need for a balanced approach that leverages AI's potential while addressing societal, ethical, and safety concerns. The editorial piece also advocates for a holistic perspective grounded in established learning theories, emphasising the importance of aligning AI innovations with pedagogical principles for optimal educational outcomes.