Developmental Biology & Regenerative Medicine

The last two decades have seen a revolution in our understanding of human development and disease, driven by advances in Developmental Biology and the Human Genome Project. One outcome of this revolution is the emergence of Regenerative Medicine into the clinical arena. Regenerative Medicine exploits our burgeoning knowledge of the cellular and molecular basis of developmental and regenerative processes to repair, regenerate or replace cells, tissues and organs that are damaged or diseased, using stem cells, biomaterials and gene therapy.

LKCMedicine has recruited an outstanding group of faculty whose interests and expertise span the three scientific pillars of Regenerative Medicine: developmental biology, tissue engineering and stem cell biology. Their research is supported by superb infrastructure at LKCMedicine’ s two research buildings: the mammalian resource centre, tissue culture and light microscopy facilities at Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) and the zebrafish facility with dedicated confocal and single plane illumination imaging systems, as well as the Singapore Phenome Centre (SPC) at the Experimental Medicine Building (EMB).

Current research programmes include the developmental biology of epithelia and muscle in zebrafish; and pancreas, kidney and vascular development in mammals, through the engineering of scaffolds and compound delivery systems for bone and central nervous system repair and regeneration, to the generation of specialised cell types for cell replacement therapy and organoids for disease modelling, drug testing and organ transplant.  


Primary Faculty

PI, Developmental Genetics
Lim Kah Leong
Lim Kah LEONG​
Vice-Dean, Research​​
Associate Professor of Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine
Norris Ray DUNN
Norris Ray DUNN
Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine
Joanne NGEOW
Joanne NGEOW
Associate Professor
PI, Dermal-Epidermal Interface
Christine Cheung
Christine CHEUNG
PI, Molecular & vascular 
Foo Jia Nee
FOO Jia Nee
PI, Genetics & genomics of neurological diseases
​XIA Yun
XIA Yun 
PI, Stem cell lineage specification
& organ regeneration

Joint & Adjunct Faculty

  • Chew Sing Yian (NTU School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering)
  • Teoh Swee Hin (NTU School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering)
  • Brigid Hogan FRS (Duke University)
  • Peter Choong (University of Melbourne)​