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Guided by a comprehensive development roadmap, NHG builds up clinicians’ research capabilities through curated resources, training and guidance from experts, supporting them at different stages of their clinical / research career. The CS Development programme are administered by the Clinician Scientists Development Office (CSDO), jointly supported by LKCMedicine.

CS Development Roadmap

CS Development Video

Please click here to view our video on Clinician Scientist talent development.

CS Development Past Awardees

Please click the following links to view the list of past awardees for CS Development.

List of Past CLR/CSPP Awardees:
CLR CSPP Past Awardees

List of Past CSPP+ Awardees:
Past CSPP+ Awardees

List of Past CSF Awardees
Past CSF Awardees

List of Past CSCS Awardees:
Past CSCS Awardees


The CI Development programmes empower aspiring CIs with relevant knowledge and skills tailored to their learning needs and varying experience in this field. The programmes are overseen by the NHG Centre for Medical Technologies and Innovations (CMTi) and administered by the Clinician Scientist Development Office (CSDO).

CI Development Roadmap

CI Development Past Awardees

Please click the following link to view the list of past awardees for CI Development.

List of Past CiPP Awardees:
Past CiPP Awardees

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