Published on 25 Jan 2019

​MAEAA Chinese New Year Gathering cum Fengshui Outlook 2019

MAEAA gathered on 25th January 2019 evening at the NTU Alumni House at Marina Square for our Chinese New Year and Feng Shui Outlook talk. This is the first event organized for the year. The turnout was encouraging consisting of about 20 alumni members ranging from senior members who graduated from the pioneer batch to new members who have just graduated last year.

The event begun with Assistant Chair (Alumni and Development), Professor John Heng, giving his opening speech. In his speech he acknowledged the growth of MAE alumni’s expertise into different sectors, covering engineering and non-engineering fields. He sees an untapped potential in this area as we can utilize this strong and diverse network to link MAE undergraduates to job attachments and research projects, to name a few possibilities of connection. In his term, he hope to develop this potential to help both the alumni body and MAE to reach greater heights.

Dinner shortly commenced and besides the wide array of food choices from the buffet spread, there were also beer and wine served for attendees to wind down a hectic work week over some networking and catching up.

The highlight of the evening was the Feng Shui Outlook talk by Feng Shui Master Ken Koh from the House of Feng Shui. What other way to start a new year than with the year’s outlook and expectations? In the hour-long engaging session, Master Koh explained the outlook of the year for each Chinese zodiac sign, and also referenced the outlook to Zi Wei Dou Shu's Palaces and Stars, which is more uncommonly heard of in conventional Feng Shui talks. In addition, he also introduced simple and practical ways to increase one’s luck and on how to welcome the ‘God of Fortune’ into one’s home. The MAEAA would like to extend our appreciation to Master Koh for the much engaging session. As a take-away, every attendee also received a complimentary 2019 Almanac produced by the House of Feng Shui, which provided a translation of the characteristics of each day in 2019, from the traditional Chinese ten thousand-year almanac.

We hope all attendees had enjoyed this event. We also welcome the upcoming batch of new graduates into the MAEAA and welcome all MAE alumni to actively participate in our upcoming events.