Published on 01 Jul 2022

MAE hosts Space Exploration with NASA astronaut, Colonel Jeffery N. Williams

On 6 June 2022, NTU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering hosted an intimate session on Space Exploration with Colonel Jeffery N. Williams, a veteran astronaut from NASA. During the session, Colonel Jeffery Williams shared about his experience and life in space for over 530 days! It was an exciting time learning about the transformation of space travel and how spaceflight has opened new doors of opportunity to potentially improve life on Earth! Due to overwhelming response, it was a tight squeeze in the lecture theatre but all participants were rewarded with an autograph session with Colonel Jeffery N.Williams.

About the Speaker

Jeffrey N. Williams (Colonel, U.S. Army, Ret.) flew on Expedition 47/48 which completed his fourth mission, making it a record-breaking mission aboard the International Space Station. He has spent 534 days in space. The Wisconsin native was a Flight Engineer and lead spacewalker for STS-101 in 2000, Flight Engineer for Expedition 13 in 2005 and Expedition 21 in 2009, where he worked as Flight Engineer and then as commander for Expedition 22. Selected as an astronaut in 1996, Williams graduated first in the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School class 103 in 1993.