Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAI)

This insurance covers for medical expenses incurred due to accidents and provides for compensation in the unfortunate event of permanent disablement due to accident and for accidental death.

Under this insurance policy, the full definition of “Accident” is as follows :  

Kindly note that all claims are subject to full policy terms and conditions and insurer’s assessment. 


  • GPAI Handbook from the Insurer providing details of coverage and claim procedure (under page 6 of handbook) is available here

General guideline is that the first submission for a GPAI claim must be within 30 days of accident occurrence.  Where it was not convenient to do so, the Insurer will allow new claims submission up to maximum 6 months from accident occurrence.  Documents required for claim submission (where applicable) are:

  1. Final hospital bills
  2. Pre and post hospitalisation/surgery bills
  3. Medical bills (for Outpatient)
  4. Inpatient Discharge Summary
  5. Referral letter/ A&E Memo
  6. Written test report (MRI,X-Ray), if any
  7. Police Report (for road traffic accident)

-         Keep original bills for up to 6 months from the date of claim submission as Aviva may request for these documents for verification / audit purposes.

-         Generally, medical expense claims will be processes within 30 days of receipt of complete claim documents and information.

-         Claimants will be notified of the claim result by email and SMS. For approved medical expense claims, the reimbursement will be credited to student’s bank account.

You can also download and launch Singlife ClaimConnect on your mobile device via Apple's iTunes store or Google Play

ClaimConnect_5 Step

Step 1For first time Claimant, please provide your personal particulars to Singlife at

For Graduation Year field, please select “2023” if you are expecting to graduate after 2023.

Step 2: Register for access to Singlife ClaimConnect Registration Landing page  (Enter Identification number and DOB and click on “Register”)

A login username and password will be sent from Singlife to the NTU email address you provided earlier on. 

Step 3: Submit your GPAI claim at Singlife ClaimsConnect Login landing page . For first time login, there will be a message to prompt student to change the username and password. Student can choose to login with username and password or with their own Singpass account.

Subsequently, student can proceed to login to Singlife ClaimsConnect portal directly to submit additional documents for an existing claim or to submit a fresh claim.   

Claim matters

Hotline : 6827 8030

Press 2 for Claim enquiries > Press # for other policies > Press 2 for insured member > enter student’s last 4 digits NRIC/FIN No. > enter student’s DOB  DDMMYYYY > Press 2 for group policy > Press 3 for claim enquiries

General enquiries on GPAINTU student : Submit your queries through Ask One Stop
Tel: +65 67906823
 NIE students: Email to [email protected]
Tel: +65 67906823