LetsTalkResearch! Conference Series

Organized by the Graduate College in collaboration with the Graduate Student Association, the 2nd LetsTalkResearch! Workshop provides networking and collaboration opportunities for postgraduate research students.  

The main theme for the second workshop is “Artificial & Augmented Intelligence”. Both experts and non-experts in this field may give a presentation or just attend the workshop to learn more from their peers and explore new collaboration opportunities.


Relevant areas of topics for discussion:

  • Computational Intelligence
  • Computer Vision & Language
  • Transfer Learning
  • ·Sentient Computing
  • ·Smart IoT for Industry Automation
  • ·Ethics in AI
  • ·Impact of AI in our Society
  • ·AI Implementation in Business
  • ·Impact of AI on Future Healthcare
  • ·Big Data Analysis
  • Autonomous Driving

Visit here to check out the Abstracts submitted.




The 2nd LetsTalkResearch! on "Artificial & Augmented Intelligence" has been concluded on 29th April 2024.

Huge thanks to our speakers and moderators, including Professor Erik Cambria, Professor Liang Xuan, and Dr Zhang Ruichen, for their valuable contributions.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Looking forward to seeing you at future conferences!

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1st Student Conference: Resilient Urbanisation & Natural Ecosystems

The Graduate College has launched the first LetsTalkResearch! - NTU Graduate Student Research Conference Series on 24th of March 2023, to provide networking and collaboration opportunities for postgraduate research students. The event was a success thanks to the speakers and moderators that took part! Many thanks to Professors Fan Hongjin, Zhou Yan, Wan Man, and Perrine Hamel for agreeing to moderate the panel.

The main theme for the first workshop was “Resilient Urbanisation & Natural Ecosystems”, and the 3 sub-themes under this category are:

  • Green Energy 
  • Cities of the Future
  • Environmental Sustainability

The event has provided the PhD students with an opportunity to discuss study issues, exchange ideas, learn and connect with their peers from a variety of academic fields and has assisted them in developing a broader perspective and greater understanding of a wider range of research fields. We appreciate everyone’s participation and we look forward to seeing you at the following student conference! 

Resilient Urbanisation & Natural Ecosystems Resilient Urbanisation & Natural Ecosystems