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Leading In A Digital Age​

Today, the world is complex, competitive and more demanding than ever before with digital disruptions a constant that working professionals need to cater to. Even more challenging, young people still need to balance school, work and relationships while at the same time, working and planning for their future.

With multiple crucial goals to achieve, it is even more imperative to start the journey now to be equipped with the next generation of essential skills such as effective communication and adaptability as these are not behaviours we can change overnight.

Graduate College is organizing this leadership programme to prepare you for this new reality as corporate leaders are looking for young and competent talent to bring their organizations to the next level. This is your opportunity to gain a competitive edge in any profession you strive to be in!

This programme uses the Dale Carnegie® Approach (5Ps) to ensure that the graduate students can gain maximum benefit from the training.

Participative: Adult learn by doing. This programme uses active involvement rather than lecture-based training to produce optimal results.

Positive: Research has shown that adults learn quicker and enjoy longer lasting results in a positive environment. Creating a positive environment supports breakthroughs in learning.

Permanent: Dale Carnegie® methodology focuses on helping participants form new positive habits that will benefit them long after the coaching / training is complete.

Practical: We work with participants on real-world challenges. We focus on skills and tools that can be immediately applied to benefit the individual and their organization.

Pushes the comfort zone: Opportunities often lie outside our comfort zone. The goal is to stretch graduate students’ comfort zone so that they can take advantage of new opportunities.

Date: 25 February 2021​

Time: 9am to 5pm

Location: The Arc

Interested students can submit the application form​ to GradCollege@ntu.edu.sg before 8 February 2021. Limited seats are available and only selected students will be notified.


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