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NTU 3MT Finale 2023

The NTU 3MT Finale 2023 was held virtually on 18 Jul 23, where 17 finalists from various schools compete for the top spot. It is a chance for researchers to effectively explain their research in three minutes, especially to a non-specialist audience. This year, the winner is Rachel Lim Rui Xia from CCEB. She will represent NTU at the Asia-Pacific virtual competition which will be held in October 23 and hosted by the University of Queensland. Chin Sze Looi from NIE and Abeed Fatima Mohidin from CEE emerged as the first and second runner-up respectively.  

Congratulations to all winners!

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All Winners Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place

2021 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Final

The much-awaited event for 2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Final was held on 20 Oct 2021. Congratulations to Mr Usman Bin Shahid, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, School of Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Biological Engineering being the winner of 2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT. His topic was on sustainable clean production of ammonia, an important element for food production. All presenters intrigued audience with different topics from engineering to humanities targeting to improve our daily lives.

The highlight was a dialogue with Dr Yifei Luo, 2020 Asia-Pacific Winner from NTU Singapore. She was invited to update about her research and share her experiences about 3MT. Lastly, Dr Jim Thompson, judge for 2021 Asia-Pacific 3MT Final gave some tips on judging criteria. Participants will be judged based on comprehension and content, audience engagement, enthusiasm of speakers, and clear explanation.

Once again, congratulation to Mr Usman Bin Shahid and all the participants of 3MT 2021. 

Summary of the event


  1. Amy Kirkegaard, Griffith University, School of Health Science and Social Work, Health Group.
  2. Mathhew Shaw, Swinburne University of Technology, School of Engineering, Space Technology and Industry Institute.
  3. Roxanne Hawi, Massey University, School of Fundamental Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology.
  4. Usman Bin Shahid, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, School of Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  5. Nik Soffiya Nik Mat, University Malaya, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics
  6. Chad Han, Flinders University, Collage of Nursing and Health Sciences
  7. Tharika Liyanage, Australian National University, Research School of Earth Sciences.
  8. Sharmelee Selvaraji, National University of Singapore, Department of Pharmacology
  9. Sarah Morkrzcki, Victoria University
3MT People Choice
3MT Judge Panel

NTU Student Crowned Champion at 3MT Asia Pacific Finals

01 Oct 2020 Current Students

MSE PhD candidate, Ms Luo Yifei, has bested 7 other PhD students from universities in the region to win the 2020 Asia Pacific Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition on Thursday, 1 October 2020. We have made history as the first Singapore University to win the Asia Pacific 3MT Finals since its inception in 2016. The virtual competition hosted by the University of Queensland challenges participants to explain their research thesis in a clear and engaging threeminute talk aimed at non-specialists. As the Asia Pacific 3MT winner, Yifei will receive a $5000 research grant, sponsored by Springer Nature. During the Q&A segment, Yifei was asked, “How many plants that she has at her place” as well as “What got her interested in her topic for 3MT”. To which Yifei replied, “I love nature and personally would normally care for 4 to 5 plants at one time. For this project, I have used hundreds of plants!” “The transformation of the thermogel in response to changing temperature and being able to read signals from plants are both intriguing and fun,” Yifei continued. The other Asia Pacific 3MT Finals participants were:  Anna Frouws – Edith Cowan University (Runner Up - $2000 research grant, sponsored by Springer Nature)  Stefania Peracchi – University of Wollongong (People’s Choice Award - $1000 research grant, sponsored by UniBank)  Kylie Sturgess – Murdoch University  Rocco Cavaleri – Western Sydney University  Theresa Pankhurst – Victoria University of Wellington  Jessica Bolin – University of the Sunshine Coast  Megan Burfoot – Auckland University of Technology In her talk entitled ‘Listening in on Plants through a Conductive Liquid Glue’, Yifei shared that plants can feel pain and heat just like us. They give out certain types of electrical signals that tells us how healthy a plant is. This affects the price and quality of the plant to goes on our plate. When asked how she felt after winning the Asia Pacific 3MT Finals, Yifei replied with thrilled, “I'm so proud of myself and NTU. I couldn't believe I am the winner !!” Her advise for fellow students who may hesitate to participate in 3MT in future? “Just go for it. You will not lose anything even if you don’t win. Plus, you will definitely learn something”, quips Yifei. Yifei took the opportunity to thank Dr. Ai Lin Chun for her guidance in crafting Yifei’s script. She is grateful to the Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division (TLPD) trainers and her peers during the 3MT workshop for their feedback and suggestions. She also thanked her supervisor, Prof Chen Xiaodong, for his full support during the competition, and of course the NTU’s 3MT organizers, NTU GSA, in collaboration with SAO and Graduate College, for a fantastic job in organizing this year’s event. Congratulations, Yifei, on making NTU proud!

2023 EDB-IPP Information Session

Are you looking to pursue a PhD while gaining practical experience and earning a salary? The EDB-IPP programme offers just that! As a participant in the program, you'll work on industry projects with leading companies like Alibaba, GlobalFoundries, Bosch, Infineon, and many others, and receive a salary while your tuition fees are covered.

Graduate College is excited to invite you to the EDB-IPP Information Session on May 4th, 2023, where you can learn more about the program and connect with hiring managers from these companies. This networking session is especially relevant to graduating students. During the breakout and networking sessions, you'll have the opportunity to share your CV and gain valuable insights into their research areas and project topics. To make your experience even better, light refreshments will be served during the session.

To be eligible for the EDB-IPP program, you need to be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Event: EDB-IPP at NTU Information Session

Date: May 4th, 2023

Time: 1pm-2.30pm

Venue: Seminar Room 1-1 (ABN-01a-CF2), 61 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637460

Location map link:

To register for the EDB-IPP Information Session, please use this link:

If you're interested in participating in the breakout and networking sessions hosted by GlobalFoundries, Bosch, or Infineon, please use the following links to register your interest:




Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to pursue your PhD while gaining practical experience and earning a salary. We hope to see you at the information session and look forward to discussing the exciting opportunities available through the EDB-IPP program!”


Programme Agenda v2

The NTU Graduate College would like to introduce the Economic Development Board Industrial Postgraduate Programme (EDB-IPP).

The programme is an opportunity for postgraduate students to hone their R&D skills in a corporate environment. Postgraduates will be given a headstart in their career as they will be offered post-training R&D roles in the industry.

Join us to learn more about the IPP with the NTU faculty, as well as testimonials from Alibaba and GlobalFoundries on 3rd March 2022, 3pm - 4.30pm here.

Please note that only Singapore citizens/PR are eligible for the programme.

Time NTU Perspectives
3.00pm-3.10pm An Introduction to EDB-Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP)
by A/P Cesare Soci, Associate Dean (Research Programmes), Graduate College
3.10pm-3.20pm The AI wears PRADA
by Prof Wen Yonggang, Associate Dean (Research), College of Engineering
 Industry Perspectives
3.20pm-3.30pm Alibaba Talent Programme 2022
by Dr Chen Qian, Director of Campus Outreach, Alibaba Group
3.30pm-3.40pm Career in the era of pervasive semiconductors for humankind
by Dr Tan Juan Boon, Technical Expert and Supervisor, Global Foundries
3.40pm-4.00pm Q&A Session
 Sharing by Students and Alumni
4.00pm-4.10pm IPP opportunities through work & study
by Dr Desmond Loy, EDB-IPP Alumnus, Senior Device Engineer-Global Foundries
4.10pm-4.20pm Life as a PhD student: an IPP perspective
by Lucas Lum, current EDB-IPP Student, NTU-Excelitas
4.20pm-4.30pm Q&A Session


Convocation 2023
Congratulations on earning your Ph.D.! Your dedication and hard work have brought you to this impressive achievement. As you move forward, may your passion for knowledge fuel your success. Here's to your remarkable accomplishment and the exciting opportunities that await. Cheers to the newest Ph.D. graduates!

Call for Submission for Class of 2021- Postgaduate Journey in NTU 

Convocation gifting 2021

How do I submit?

  1. Go to
  2. You can submit entry as NTU Alumni/ Public.
  3. Submit your entry in the following formats:
    • Short videos (time limit of 30 secs) accompanied by a short description – MP4 & MS Words
    • Photos with short description/write-up – JPEG/PNG & MS Words
    • Short write-ups (around 200 words)
  4. Submit your entry by 30 September 2021, 11:59pm.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Graduating postgraduate students of class 2021 are eligible for this event.
  • By submitting your video/photos/write-up for this event, you hereby grant the Graduate College (GC) the royalty-free non-exclusive right to publish in print and online, and to distribute the information/content in whole or in part to process, collect, use, disclose and in accordance with NTU policies and processes relating to personal data protection.
  • NTU Graduate College reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this event with or without prior notice due to reasons outside their control.
  • The organiser reserves the right to veto any entry at any stage of the submission.
  • Any identifiable person in the video/photos has waived their rights to privacy on the picture.
  • Any identifiable person on the video/photos has consented to the entry of the video in this event on the terms and conditions set out herein.
  • Only the first 60 submissions that adhered to the format of submission and Terms & Conditions would receive the studio package. First-come-first-serve basis at the point of submission.
  • Graduates who are awarded with the studio package would receive email notification by October 2021 from Graduate College.

For any enquiry, please write to us at [email protected].


GC Virtual Convocation Celebration 2020

18 Jul 2020 Current Students


A Message From Prof Lee Pooi See

Congratulations to the graduates of 2020, and to your parents and families who are celebrating with you, and for reaching an important milestone in your life journey, and opening a new life chapter.

We are cognisant that COVID-19 has led to disruptions since the first quarter of 2020. It is heartwarming that you have completed your academic journey despite these extraordinary challenges. I am sure that many of you have encountered different difficulties along the way. I am confident that we as the NTU community and now with you, as part of our alumni, will continue to be resilient, courageous and that each of you will find not just perseverance but also unusual opportunities to contribute and thrive during these unprecedented times.

The knowledge, skills and competencies gained during your training and education, the professional and social relationships you have forged, and the experiences you have garnered during your time spent in NTU, will serve you well during your coming life journey.

Once again, congratulations! I wish you great success and happiness.

Please remain in contact with us, with your advisors, classmates and friends. You are not alone in the coming journey.

Thank you.

Prof Lee Pooi See
Dean, Graduate College


Convocation 2019

24 Jul 2019 Current Students

The Edison of Medicine: Robert Langer’s Quest to Solve Global Health Challenges using Biotechnology

The Edison of Medicine: Robert Langer’s Quest to Solve Global Health Challenges using Biotechnology
26 Mar 2021 08.30 PM - 09.45 PM Current Students

Event Info

About the Speaker:

Robert S. Langer is one of 10 Institute Professors at MIT; being an Institute Professor is the highest honor that can be awarded to a faculty member.  Dr. Langer has written more than 1,500 articles. He also has over 1,400 issued and pending patents worldwide. Dr. Langer’s patents have been licensed or sublicensed to over 400 pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and medical device companies.  He is the most cited engineer in history (h-index 285 with over 334,000 citations according to Google Scholar). Dr. Langer has received over 220 major awards.   He is one of 3 living individuals to have received both the United States National Medal of Science (2006) and the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2011).


Advanced drug delivery systems are having an enormous impact on human health. We start by discussing our early research on developing the first controlled release systems for macromolecules and how we used them to isolate the first angiogenesis inhibitors and how both of these delivery systems and these inhibitors have led to numerous new therapies. This early research then led to new drug delivery technologies including nanoparticles that are now being studied for use treating cancer, creating the Covid-19 vaccine and other applications. We then discuss approaches for synthesizing new biomaterials, such as biodegradable polyanhydrides, and how such materials are used in treating brain cancer and other diseases. Finally, by combining mammalian cells, including stem cells, with synthetic polymers, new approaches for engineering tissues are being developed that may someday help in various diseases.  Examples in the areas of cartilage, skin, blood vessels and diabetes are discussed.

Click here to register:

Graduate College Distinguished​ Lecture by Professor Lars Brink - Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes

22 Oct 2020 Current Students

GC Distinguished​ Lecture by Prof Zdenek P. Bazant- Recent Advances in Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale, Water and Gas Permeability and Crack Branching

05 Apr 2019 Current Students

NTU Alumni Homecoming

31 Oct 2020 Current Students

31 October 2020 – NTU Alumni Homecoming

The Graduate College participated in the NTU Alumni Homecoming 2020 event on Saturday, 31 October 2020. Organised by NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office, the virtual event welcomed NTU alumni from around the globe to join in the celebrations.

Activities included a merchant e-bazaar, virtual tours, career and lifestyle workshops, welcome speech by NTU’s President, Prof Subra Suresh, as well as a keynote speech by GIC CEO, Mr Lim Chow Kiat.

The Graduate College hosted its own Virtual Exhibition with information brochures on its Community Engagement Program, Postgraduate Internship Program, details of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme as well as GC’s bi-monthly newsletter, ‘GradConverge’. Visitors also had the opportunity to virtual chat and video call with GC representatives throughout the exhibition.

Later that day, alumni members joined the Graduate College – Interdisciplinary Graduate Alumni and Postgraduate Studies networking session hosted by the Dean of Graduate College, Prof Lee Pooi See. Prof Lee provided updates on the newly launched MiniMasters programmes, postgraduate internship programme, and discussion on Interdisciplinary Graduate Alumni Association, as well as various opportunities for an alumnus to give back to NTU. 

Opportunities in STEM Postgraduate Research at NTU : Virtual Meetup

18 Dec 2020 Prospective Students

NTU Graduate College, together with the College of Science and College of Engineering, is organising a virtual event – Opportunities in STEM Postgraduate Research at NTU: Virtual Meetup - to promote STEM postgrad research programmes to potential PhD/Masters research students worldwide.


EDM-PhD Supervision workshop 2023

Supervising Postgraduate Students Workshop for Faculty

elaine walsh
29 Mar 2021 - 01 Apr 2021 Public
Organised by:
Elaine Walsh

Click here to register

About the workshop:

This workshop aims to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss good practice in research supervision. Through a range of case-studies, role-plays and drawing on the experience of the group, it creates the opportunity to discuss and acquire a range of strategies and techniques for effective supervision. Participants will be required to complete a pre-course questionnaire and view a series of presentation videos prior to the workshop.

About the speaker:

With a background as a Chartered Engineer in aerospace engineering, Elaine is a freelance soft skills development consultant and an expert in doctoral education and career management. For more than ten years, Elaine led the team responsible for postgraduate professional development at Imperial College London, supporting more than 6000 graduate students in realising both academic and career goals. Elaine continues to research on doctoral education issues including the evaluation of skills development courses, the wellbeing of researchers and the role of creativity in scientific research.

Supervising Postgraduate Students Workshop for Faculty

25 Jan 2021 at 03.00 PM - 26 Jan 2021 at 05.00 PM Public

Graduate College Awards (GCA)

The Graduate College Awards aim to recognise and reward outstanding graduating PhD and Master by Research students for academic, collaborative, interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial achievements during their postgraduate studies in NTU. Supervisors are also recongised for their outstanding mentoring efforts of graduate students.

Nomination Call for AY2023/2024

We are now accepting nominations for the 2024 Graduate College Awards.

Nominations can be made through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP) or the Schools/AIs of the student/supervisor in the award categories mentioned above.


Categories of AwardAwards and PrizesEligibility
1. Research Excellence Award         
Presented to graduate students who attained significant research achievements during their studies at NTU. The award recognises original, creative and widely disseminated student research with significant impacts on the field or society.

Awardees (Winner and Runner-ups) will be selected in each category of award.


  • Winner: $2,000
  • Runner-up: $1,000
  • Graduating PhD and Master’s students who will be formally conferred at the current Convocation (PhD and Master’s students who will fulfil all graduating requirements latest by 31st May 2023).
  • The awards are given for contributions carried out / originated in NTU.
  • Awardees may hold other NTU awards concurrently, subject to final approval of the Graduate College.
  •  A student can be nominated for more than one category.
2. Interdisciplinary Research Award  Presented to graduate students who have engaged in outstanding inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary projects. The award recognises individual or collaborative research that integrate concepts or practices from multiple disciplines to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline.
3. Collaborative Research Award
Dedicated to graduate students in recognition of collaborative research projects that they have initiated with other NTU groups (faculty, research fellows, etc.) and that has resulted in important discoveries.
4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award 
Presented to graduate students who have engaged in outstanding inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary projects. The award recognises individual or collaborative research that integrate concepts or practices from multiple disciplines to solve problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline.
5. Graduate Mentoring Award 
Presented to supervisors who have shown excellence and innovation in mentoring graduate students. The award recognises supervisors who have demonstrated an unusual commitment to nurture and motivate graduate students, and the ability to foster their intellectual, creative, scholarly, and professional growth.

Awardees (Winner and Runner-Ups) will be selected and will receive support to attend a conference or academic event.


  • Winner: $4,000
  • Special Mention
  • Supervisors of PhD and Master students who will be formally conferred at the current Convocation.
  • Full-time at NTU.
  • Open to NTU students to nominate the deserving supervisors.

*Prizes may differ and will be determined annually.


Graduate College held an award presentation tea reception at Graduate College on 9 June 2023 (Friday) for winners of the Graduate College Awards AY2022-2023. Award winners and their supervisors are invited for the event. A/P Cesare SOCI, Associate Dean (Research Programmes) Graduate College presented the awards to the winners. Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners!

GC Award
GCA AY2021/2022
GCA AY2021
GCA AY1920