Graduate College is organizing a strengths-based coaching for career success program. This self-discovery program is specially curated for postgraduate students. You will get to deep dive into your strengths and possible motivations, and create your best strategy for career success via two simple steps:

  1. A 60-minute personal self-discovery session using the Enneagram Profiling tool. (Between 24 February - 3 March)
  2. A 60-minute 1-1 online coaching session where you craft your unique success equation. (Between 3 March – 12 March)

 After attending , you will be able to:

    1. Discover your strengths and know how to utilize those in your endeavors.
    2. A clearer vision for future and career choices.
    3. Feel more confident and self-aware of how you apply yourself to the world around you.
    4. Enhance Emotional Intelligence and communication skills

    Limited seats are available. To secure your place, please sign up here.


    With the changing professional landscape, having an online presence that stands out is becoming more crucial. A paper CV is no longer enough to sell your skills. Learn how to leverage on LinkedIn and ResearchGate to build your own professional presence which potentially encourage great opportunities to come to you.

    Building Your Professional Presence-EDM2

    Rock Your Profile with LinkedIn here!


    1. Build a LinkedIn profile that stands out to recruiters

    2. Connect, build and leverage your professional network

    3. Improve your chances of being hired

    Register by 5 October, 11:59pm.


    Managing an Impactful Online Presence with ResearchGate here!

    1. Introduction to ResearchGate

    - ResearchGate’s mission, the company and the ResearchGate community

    2. Connecting with the world of science (and beyond)

    - Learn about the interconnectedness of the ResearchGate platform and how this may help you to connect with the right people, resources, and opportunities

    3. Managing an impactful online presence

    - Learn how to make yourself and your research visible with your ResearchGate profile

    4. Finding career opportunities

    - Learn how you can find your next career opportunity through ResearchGate

    5. Summary

    - “Cheat sheet” on how make yourself visible to opportunities through ResearchGate

    Register by 6 October, 11:59pm.