Published on 31 May 2021

Paying it forward

MAE alumnus Mr Alan Lim pledged S$40,000 in 2020 to establish the Alan Lim Bursary. A bursary recipient himself during his NTU undergraduate studies, Alan is now paying it forward by supporting financially needy students on their educational journey.

Alan Lim and wife 
A former bursary recipient himself, alumnus Alan Lim established the Alan Lim Bursary in 2020 to support financially needy students.


Mr Alan Lim from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)’s Class of 1997 was once a bursary recipient while pursuing his undergraduate studies. As he has now attained a successful career in the finance sector, he is paying it forward by supporting financially needy NTU students on their educational journey. He pledged S$40,000 in 2020 to establish the Alan Lim Bursary.

As an NTU student, Alan faced numerous financial challenges due to his family’s situation. His father was battling cancer for close to five years before passing away when Alan was in his second year of studies. His mother, who was a low-income earner, used up her savings for his father’s treatment. Alan tried to make ends meet by giving tuition but found it difficult to manage his studies, hall activities and tutoring responsibilities all at the same time. Hence he applied for and obtained financial support from NTU.

On the inspiration to donate to NTU to assist his juniors, Alan said: “I believe in giving back and that it is part of our human nature. Once we are more comfortable and better off, we should extend help to others. Giving creates a sense of fulfilment and to be able to give is a blessing. We can make a difference to the lives of others no matter the amount.”

He added: “I benefitted before, so I want to do the same for future generations. I believe no one should be deprived of an education just because one is poor.”

Alan is appreciative that the University has in place numerous avenues and programmes for alumni to give back through monetary and  non-monetary means. “The NTU alumni community is a rich library of practical advice and knowledge. Alumni can mentor students and share invaluable life experiences with their juniors,” he said.