Giving Stories

Dr Lee Seng Tee
Published on 6 Aug 2022

Tribute to Dr Lee Seng Tee, Chairman of Lee Foundation

NTU Singapore pays tribute to Dr Lee, one of the University’s most prominent donors and a strong supporter of higher education.

Handayani Indah
Published on 29 Jun 2022

Gifts that soothe the soul

Songbird and graduating student Handayani Indah from the School of Humanities persevered through personal loss and years of hardship to get to where she is today. She tells us her story and how bursaries helped during her time at NTU.

Published on 9 Jun 2022

Supporting top NTU faculty with your philanthropic gift

Professorships recognise eminent faculty at NTU Singapore for their endeavours in research and education, and their beneficial impact on humanity. As the University continues its upward trajectory, the philanthropic need for professorships is growing.

Ng Kai Ming
Published on 7 Jun 2022

Calling on the Class of 2022

Graduating student, bursary recipient and donor Ng Kai Ming from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences invites the Class of 2022 to join him in making a gift to support NTU juniors.

COS Explorer Programme
Published on 15 May 2022

Science alumnus seeds new CoS Explorer Fund

The NTU College of Science has launched the College of Science Explorer Fund to support students on their scientific journeys. Profoundly impacted by his education at NTU, Subhajeet Parida (SBS/2006) explains why he helped to seed the Fund.

Philanthropy Matters - You served, you ran, you gifted
Published on 12 Apr 2022

You served, you ran, you gifted

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving Ms Yap Su-Yin weighs in on the latest Alumni Engagement Survey and the successes of the We Belong campaign, and what these reflect about the voluntary and philanthropic aspirations of NTU alumni.

We Belong 2022 A Success
Published on 8 Apr 2022

Thank you, OneNTU

The We Belong campaign has been a resounding success, bringing together the OneNTU family for community work and fundraising, with over 4,000 donors contributing more than $1.1 million towards critical causes of the university.

Marc Yap
Published on 12 Mar 2022

Giving and receiving the gift of education

School of Art, Design and Media student Marc Yap, who achieved commercial success with his NFT start-up, is supporting the inaugural NTU Giving Day. He tells us about his motivation while beneficiaries describe how various funds have supported them.