MSc Project Sponsorship

ERI@N is a pan-university research institute which serves to bring together all research activities within the University pertaining to energy in its coherent entirety, promoting interactions and collaborations between the Colleges of Engineering and Science with the Colleges of Business, Humanities, Arts and the Social Sciences.

Over 100 researchers from multifarious backgrounds working with the Interdisciplinary Research Programmes at ERI@N:

  • Renewables & Low-carbon generation – Solar, Wind & Marine
  • Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
  • Renewables’ Integration & Microgrids
  • Multi-Energy Systems & Grids
  • Smart & Sustainable Building Technologies
  • Future Mobility Solutions 
  • Power Electronics & Electrification

 As well as with the 2 Flagship Programmes:

  • EcoCampus
  • Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore (REIDS)

Objectives of the ERI@N MSc Project Sponsorship Scheme

  • The objectives of the scheme are to encourage MSc students to participate in applied projects that will generate innovative solutions to problems pertaining to energy generation, transmission, efficiency, and utilization.
  • The projects will also lead to innovative solutions that will potentially develop entrepreneurship and commercialization opportunities.
  • The MSc projects will be conducted jointly between ERI@N and the various departments / schools within NTU; thus allowing a multidisciplinary environment for implementation of new ideas and solutions.

Scope of the ERI@N MSc Project Sponsorship Scheme

  • The MSc programme supervision / examination / other programme details will be per the standard NTU professors with a supervisor based in the individual schools.
  • The project scope would be defined by ERI@N Programme Coordinator, in consultation with ERI@N industry partners.
  • The MSc students are also welcome to propose project ideas and areas per their own initiative.

Financial Support

Under this MSc Project Sponsorship scheme, a monthly allowance of S$500 / month will be offered to the MSc student for six to nine months of actual project work carried out.

MSc Sponsorship Scheme – administrative details

  • Limited numbers of sponsored projects are made available each semester and are available for application by Master’s Students pursuing their degrees in NTU.
  • The projects can be specified by ERI@N or can be proposed by the respective students or schools.
  • The projects MUST be oriented towards the industry solution with real and practical value at the end of the internship.
  • The students will need to be supervised by a Professor at their respective schools and the progress is to be monitored by ERI@N Programme Coordinator and the supervising NTU professors.
  • The students and the supervisors will pursue the project as per agreed upon project goals and deliverable.
  • Project durations may range from 6 to 9 months and a final report is required.


For general inquiries, please approach Ms Shann Law ([email protected])