Published on 13 Jun 2023

SCSE Admissions Information Session 2023

Our annual Information Session took place at Pan Pacific, Pacific Ballroom on 6 May 2023. The event kicked off with our emcees, Anika (CE Year 2) and Tze Kean (CS Year 2) having a quick ice-breaker session with our existing student ambassadors who were there. 

3 photos in a roll of ice breaker session.

We are honoured to have our alumni back and had a F2F interview with them too!

Alice Chua (Class of 2022)
Data Architect at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Jarrett Yeo (Class of 2021) 
Cloud Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Chen Yinya (Alice) (Class of 2021)
Enterprise Engineer at Meta/Facebook

Lincoln Lin (Class of 2018)
Security Researcher at ST Engineering

Photo of SCSE Alumni sharing their experiences on stage.

The session continued with our panel of SCSE faculty at the stage to address questions from the audience as well as on Slido. The panel consisted of Assoc Prof Chan Syin , Assoc Prof Sun Aixin, Assoc Prof Lam Siew Kei., Assoc Prof Nicholas Vun, Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai.

SCSE Faculty Panel on stage.

The session ended with refreshments served at the ballroom foyer and the invited guests were happy to engage more questions from our Faculty. Besides our Faculty were there to answer those questions, our Dean, Prof Louis Phee as well as our Chair, Prof Miao Chun Yan were found having engaged conversation with some of the guests too! 

Thank you all for coming down to our 2023 SCSE Info Session, we hope that you have enjoyed your time with us and see you around on campus!

9 photo in 1, faculty and student ambassadors are answering query from invited candidates.

Watch video here: