Doctor of Philosophy | Chemistry


A rigorous PhD programme in Chemistry combining advanced coursework with research experience.

Chemistry PhD students take advanced courses focusing on active research topics, and perform research under the supervision of a faculty member. The programme culminates in writing and defending a scientific thesis before a panel of scientific experts.

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Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • BSc in chemistry or a related discipline. If the university has an honours system, at least second-upper class honours, or the equivalent, is required.
  • Applicants may optionally have a MSc degree in chemistry or a related discipline, but this is not mandatory. If the university has an honours system, at least second-upper class honours in the MSc degree, or the equivalent, is required.
  • International applicants must submit an appropriate GRE score, with GRE (V+Q) score equivalent to or more than 319 and GRE AW score equivalent to or more than 3.5. Applicants from India may use GATE in replacement of GRE.
  • All international applicants who are not native English speakers must have TOEFL scores, IETLS scores, or pass an English Proficiency Test (EPT) administrated by the School.

There are two application periods each year: October to January (for admission in August), and June to July (for admission in January). Most students are admitted during the first period.

The PhD in Chemistry programme is a four-year post-graduate programme consisting of both coursework and original research. PhD students must pass a qualifying examination after 1-2 years of study. The programme culminates in writing a scientific thesis and defending it before a panel of experts.