Published on 25 Apr 2022

Nanyang Business School launches two new alumni groups to connect overseas alumni

To facilitate engagement among alumni based overseas, Nanyang Business School (NBS) has launched the NBS International Alumni Group for all overseas alumni, and the Nanyang MBA International Alumni Group for all overseas alumni from its MBA programmes

Even as physical interaction across borders has been curtailed by the pandemic, NBS remains committed to strengthening the connections among our overseas alumni.

Says Assoc Prof Chung Lai Hong, Assistant Dean of Alumni Affair at NBS: “The formation of these international alumni groups is an important milestone in our strategy to strengthen overseas alumni engagement. These groups play a pivotal role in working with us to foster meaningful connections within and between localities. With increased engagement through professional and social events, our overseas alumni can look forward to being part of a supportive international community that contributes to their continued growth.”

To promote the growth of the international alumni groups, appointed representatives will kickstart engagement activities at their respective geographical locations.

Helena Pham, a Nanyang MBA graduate and a Partner at Consulus Global based in Hanoi, and Managing Director at Consulus Vietnam, says: “I’m excited to be a representative for Vietnam, and I look forward to connecting with NBS alumni members here through networking events where we can exchange life and work experiences. I believe the power of collective minds will undoubtedly bring about better ideas and different perspectives.”

Justin Miles Prescott, a graduate of the Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA and our representative for Japan and a Senior Consultant at EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd., echoes Helena’s enthusiasm: “Living in Japan, we have been looking out for one another personally and professionally, as well as providing job introductions and social support. I welcome a structured approach to reinforce such activities and am excited to explore opportunities.”

Towards Wider Business Networks and Collaborations

Beyond local engagement, the growth of the local groups will also create more cross-border collaborations and opportunities.

Jakarta-based Nanyang MBA alumnus and NBS Alumni Advisory Board member and CEO of OLX Autos (Indonesia) Johnny Widodo says: “Other than building relevant opportunities locally, we will also be able to connect with other NBS international alumni groups. As the representative for Indonesia, I am looking forward to helping our alumni members here grow their opportunities beyond Indonesia.”

Based in Oslo, Glenn Ruud, Director for Global Learning & Development at Wilhelmsen Group (Norway), Executive MBA Programme alumnus and the Norway representative, hopes that a local group of NBS alumni can be the “glue” for all NBS alumni who are based in Norway or have business dealings there. He says: “The formation of a local alumni group can create opportunities for social gatherings, network building, and knowledge exchange.”

Overseas alumni who are interested to join these groups can reach out to their respective country representatives. 

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Our International Alumni Groups

NBS International Alumni Group

The NBS International Alumni Group is supported by alumni representatives who serve as a bridge between NBS and our overseas alumni to organise professional and social events and to strengthen engagement between members and industry to create a supportive community.

Nanyang MBA International Alumni Group

The Nanyang MBA International Alumni Group connects our MBA graduates with one another and with NBS. It is supported by alumni located internationally who organise activities and events to strengthen engagement and connections for a vibrant community.