Students in Need

NBS Bursary

This NBS Bursary is dedicated to breaking down financial barriers to education. The goal is to provide crucial tuition fee assistance to undergraduate students facing economic challenges, opening up opportunities for every student to access a high-quality education, regardless of personal obstacles. Your donation plays a significant role in ensuring that no student is left behind.



NBS Student Aid Fund

NBS Student Aid Fund

The NBS Student Aid Fund is dedicated to offering financial assistance to NBS students facing financial hardships as a result of unforeseeable circumstances such as sudden loss of income, medical situations or demise in the family, The fund seeks to support them in successfully completing their tertiary education.



NBS Equal Opportunity Fund

The NBS Equal Opportunity Fund, established by NBS Alumni, aims to provide support to financially disadvantaged NBS students, offering them the chance to benefit from the enriching overseas learning experiences. These experiences include but are not limited to overseas exchanges, internships, and community projects.





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