Giving to research and faculty

Gifts to research enable Nanyang Business School faculty to address complex challenges in business, shape industry practices, and develop innovative solutions for society. 

The global reputation of NBS faculty and research drives our status as one of the world’s leading business schools.

Home to 11 specialised research centres, NBS brings together leading academics and industry experts. We strive to promote knowledge in the theory and practice of business and management globally, such as the Centre for Accounting and Auditing Research and Information Management Research Centre.

As the global economic and business landscapes shift, NBS continues to expand our research capabilities in changing areas that present new opportunities, including the following philanthropically-funded research initiatives:

Teaching in a class

Named Professorships

Named professorships recognise the remarkable accomplishments of NBS faculty in education, research, and innovation, and showcase a commitment to academic excellence, knowledge creation, and industry.

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