Mini Case

Vibrant Group Limited: Sale and Leaseback and its Financial Statement Effects

Koh Wei Chern and Patricia Tan Mui Siang

Case Ref No.: ABCC-2021-004 (MC)

Pub. Date: AUG-2021

Category: Mini Case

Topic(s): Accounting

Case Length: 11 pages

Abstract: This case examines the accounting of sale and leaseback transaction for an undergraduate or graduate accounting class. This case also examines the effects of such a transaction on financial statements. Vibrant Group is listed on the Singapore Exchange. In 2019, it entered into a sale and leaseback transaction. This was reported in its 2020 Annual Report using the revised Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (International) 16 (“SFRS(I) 16”) Leases. This case exposes students to practical situations that highlight important principles and illustrate best practices in accounting. This case may be used in countries where IFRSs are applicable as SFRS (I) 16 Leases is identical to IFRS 16 Leases.


You can download the inspection copy, teaching note, and supplementary materials (if any) via this link.