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Asia and in particular ASEAN is widely regarded as the region with one of the fastest growth rates. Yet despite this realization, knowledge of business practices in the region is largely understudied. 

The Asian Business Case Centre’s mission is to be the source of choice for case studies and practice-based insights in business and social innovations in Asia and in particular ASEAN. Given the central role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, ABCC pays special attention to these topics. For example, finance, logistics, marketing, human resources management and recruitment, business strategies, and even accounting and law are all influenced by the latest entrepreneurial and technological innovations. 

​Our cases are distributed by its partners, Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing and The Case Centre.

Case studies bring an invaluable element of reality and experiential learning into the classroom. They enable the systemic understanding and insights into why and how companies: 

  • Develop the strategies and policies that they did
  • Implement them within their specific contexts
  • Adapt and change in order to achieve the results.  

Cases also enable the analysis of dynamic patterns of development and action over time:

  • Contextual sensitivity in identifying business issues
  • Conceptual thinking under different circumstances
  • Practical intelligence in taking action
  • Broader perspectives (supplementing one’s actual experience) in analysing real-life business issues.

At The Asian Business Case centre, we aim to be the partner of choice for developing strategic case studies in Asia.​ We are the source of choice for case studies and practice-based insights in business and social innovations in Asia and in particular ASEAN. 

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Best Selling Cases in 2020 

We are delighted to announce ABCC’s most popular cases for the year 2020. 

Congratulations to the case authors! It is great that the cases you developed are gaining attention internationally through the Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey, and The Case Centre distribution platforms. These cases are taught in top universities including Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Chicago, Tsinghua University, University of Pennsylvania, INSEAD Singapore, and National University of Singapore.


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