Welcome to the NTU Alumni Association (Germany)We are here to provide support for NTU alumni living in Germany to make contact, expand your network and strengthen ties with one another. Our valued alumni with a professional network of opportunities and partnerships, bridging academia and industry, will ensure that we stay globally relevant and locally employable, while being home away from home.

In parallel, we also look forward to your active participation, feedback and valued contributions to sustain the association on a regular basis. Alumni members are welcome to share information related to their industries, jobs, activities and events in Germany. Join us and start connecting with fellow alumni.

Our committee members: 
  • Mudit Srivastava (President) - Munich
  • Karthik Muthuswamy (Secretary General) - Mannheim
  • Ava Pham Nhat Binh (Vice President) - Berlin
  • Shailesh More (Treasurer) - Munich
  • Arun Raj (Committee Member) - Munich
  • Leonie Lanfrit (Committee Member) - Munich
  • Max Sowinski (Committee Member) - Munich
  • Nicolle Liu (Committee Member) - Frankfurt

NTUAA (Germany)
NTU Alumni Association (Germany) 
Mr Mudit Srivastava
[email protected] 

Number of alumni in Germany: 570