NTU Alumni Association (France) was formed on 5 May 2023. Previously, it was an NTU France Alumni Circle which has been active for more than 12 years.

The mission of the alumni association is to unify NTU alumni living in France, propagate NTU vision and create opportunities for alumni to connect to France's rich and diverse ecosystem, be it in business, technologies or entrepreneurship.

Its multicultural committee is highly motivated to facilitate regular networking sessions centred around trending thematics, and provide alumni with a platform to share business and innovative ideas with each other.

NTU Alumni Association (France) warmly welcomes alumni to their NTU community in France and encourages alumni to be active members to share their ideas and contribute to what matters to them.   

Committee Members:

  • Ms Marine Dejoux, President
  • Mr Arvind Hurboseea, Vice President
  • Ms Stephanie Zhao, Secretary General
  • Ms Huang Xiao Chao, Secretary General
  • Mr Deepak Subramanian, Treasurer

NTUAA (France)
NTU Alumni Association (France)
Ms Marine Dejoux
[email protected]

Number of alumni in France: 369