Published on 01 Aug 2021

Creating pseudo accounts to handle criticism

The Sunday Times, page A11

Some teenagers are creating social media accounts using pseudonyms to bash themselves or support comments posted on their “official” accounts. Social worker Eric Sng has encountered at least four teenagers engaging in such activities. Reasons for this behaviour are complex, he said, adding that some might be feeling down and want to double down on themselves. Others who create pseudo accounts to defend themselves on their social media profiles told Mr Sng that this anonymity helps them respond to critical comments as it is “better to have others protect you than to stand up for yourself”.

Assoc Prof Andy Ho, who specialises in public mental health at NTU, said that young people and children will inevitably be exposed to mean and ill-spirited comments as they socialise and forge relationships online.

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Photo: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash