Published on 23 Aug 2022

Meet Dr Swati Sharma, a new face in NTU Economics

by Haajar Arman

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Dr. Swati Sharma, who recently joined us as an Interdisciplinary Lecturer at SSS. She currently teaches a new interdisciplinary course on sustainability (Sustainability: Society, Economy, and Environment) and has previously assisted in teaching Economics courses, i.e., Environmental Economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Having previously worked at Deloitte India as a consultant, her humble and polished demeanour exudes experience and professionalism. As an undergraduate, Dr. Swati studied the “hard” sciences, which formed the foundation for her future studies as she moved on to complete her Ph.D. at the Singapore-ETH Centre, where she explored the intersection between clean energy technology and social science, cultural and behavioral economics, and environmental psychology to be precise. Similarly, her current research revolves around understanding the complexities of human behaviours and decision-making for clean energy adoption. “I am contributing to creating a clean and peaceful planet for future generations, and it’s a fantastic feeling”, she said.

Dr. Swati is grateful for her experiences as a lecturer and researcher, which she finds perfectly encapsulate her passion, interests, and goals. “Being at NTU feels you are part of the future,” Dr. Swati shares, “I am always curious, looking to create something new, and strongly believe that I have so much more to offer.” Her determination shows in her excellent delivery of materials and is reciprocated with the love of her students. With her unyielding passion for sustainability and constant appetite for knowledge, Dr. Swati is the perfect addition to the NTU family.

Outside of academics, Dr. Swati loves cooking and maintains a healthy lifestyle by working out. Committed to giving back to society, she volunteers at the Salvation Army and digital teaching initiatives in India. She also keeps updated on news and blogs regarding climate change, social inclusion, and world affairs. On a reflective note, Dr. Swati warmly advises students to work hard, work smart and never compromise on quality. She reminds students to be kind to one another and build a community that pulls one another up. 


Haajar Arman, a Year 3 Economics student, is part of the team of student writers under the SLOC Office. She is also a SSS Student Ambassador.