Research Focus

The research focus of SCARCE is directed towards the development of innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the treatment and recycling of challenging waste streams, such as e-waste, and exploring novel methods to recover and/or utilise these resources.

The areas are aligned with the Closing The Waste Loop (CTWL) Initiative, a R&D programme announced in 2017 by NEA, Singapore. These areas aim to boost R&D capabilities in developing solutions to extract value and resources from key wastes streams in Singapore.

SCARCE focuses mainly on the development of cost-efficient hydrometallurgy-based recycling approaches with lower environmental impacts in four key research thrusts listed.

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Intellectual Property

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At SCARCE, we have filed several patent applications or technology disclosures (TD) and are working to get more registered. SCARCE is open to collaborate through various licensing frameworks or R&D collaborations to promote access and commercialization of products and services of our Intellectual Property (IP).