Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy (SCARCE)  is a joint laboratory between NTU Singapore and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). SCARCE was launched back in 2018 with Professors Madhavi Srinivasan and Jean-Christophe P. Gabriel as its Co-Directors.

The joint venture synergizes the expertise of researchers from Singapore and France to address the recycling and recovery of materials from electrical and electronic waste (e-waste), such as discarded lithium-ion batteries and printed circuit boards. In addition, the laboratory explores advanced separation and extraction processes of e-waste which are less energy intensive and toxic as compared to current practices. The overall aim is to develop innovative and energy efficient solutions to recycle and recover e-waste.


Industry Partners & Collaboration


A shared goal between SCARCE’s partners is that research in the joint centre should involve industrial partners based either in Singapore, in France, or even better, in both countries. This ensures the existence of a complete chain of technological transfer. Various models of collaboration can be offered depending on the needs expressed by the industry. 

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At SCARCE, we have filed several patent applications or technology disclosures (TD) and are working to get more registered. SCARCE is open to collaborate through various licensing frameworks or R&D collaborations to promote access and commercialization of products and services of our Intellectual Property (IP). 

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Value chain from 'Fundamental Research' to 'Application of novel science to engineering Technology' and finally realised in 'commercialisation in industry'