Research Students

​Behera Rohit Pratyush

Thesis topic: Manufacturing of periodic composites                                                                                 

Brian Lee Zhan Rui

Thesis topic: Application of laser metal deposition in additive manufacturing technology to produce full internal cladding on globe valve body

​Chen Chengxi
Thesis topic: Parameter optimization and property evaluation of metal parts manufacturing using DED process
​​Chen Ze
Thesis topic: Study on Process-Microstructure-Property Relationship for Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufactured Metals
Dee Pei Fang
Thesis topic: Additive manufacturing of bone-like composites                                                                                        
Ding Shirun
Thesis topic: Acoustics agglomeration enhanced filtration and its application                                  
Eddie Tan Zhi'en
Thesis topic: Direct metal deposition materials-process-performance characterization studies
Ho Wee Kiat Desmond
Thesis topic: In situ monitoring of metal direct energy deposition in multi axis machine for effective process control
Huang Dejun
Thesis topic: Influence of powder recycling system on properties of recycled metal powders and its correlation with the mechanical properties of additively manufactured parts
Huang Sheng

Thesis topic: High performance 3D metal printing                                                                                                                                                                                 


Hum Jun Wee Allen

Thesis topic: In-process optical monitoring and correlation methods for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

Koh Zhi Hui
Thesis topic: Investigation on the multi-jet fusion process                                                                                          
Koo Jing Wee
Thesis topic: Membrane fouling control by 3D-printed flow promoters                                                   
Le Tan Phuc
Thesis topic: A novel design of 3D printer for full microstructure control in polycrystalline metals          
Lee Jia Min
Thesis topic: Analysis of fluid behaviors in 3D printing within non-Newtonian fluids                    
Lek Yung Zhen
Thesis topic: Laser welding additive manufacturing of materials and structures for marine and offshore applications                                                                          
Li Shu Fan
Thesis topic: Control & instrumentation - computational intelligence                                                                 
Lim Chin Huat Joel
Thesis topic: Multi-material 3D printing by combination of multi-wavelength laser beams    
Lim Choon Wee Joel
Thesis topic: Simulation of laser deposition welding                                                                                                                                 
Lim Si Xian
Thesis topic: 3D printing optimal convective conformal cooling channels                                                                                                                              
Liu Zhenbang
Thesis topic: Sprayable construction material for 3D printing                                                                    
Lu Zhen
Thesis topic: Development of microstructure control through process control in SLM system                                                                 
Luo Jixin
Thesis topic: 3D printed membrane bioreactor for waste water treatment                                                                
Ma Wai Cheung
Thesis topic: Bioprinting: A novel hybrid 3D bioelectronics platform for tissue engineering and medical technology        
Ng Chin Siang

Thesis topic: 4D printing of tunable response shape memory polymers via programmed multiple stimuli                                                  
Parvathi Nathan
Thesis topic: 3D printing of optimised titanium implant for bone replacement                                    
Quah Tan Kai Noel
Thesis topic: Vision feedback on freeform-shaped structure 3D printing                                                        
Sean Suen Kang Qiang
Thesis topic: Development of a novel “bio-ink” for 3D printing                                                          

Stanley Wong Jian Liang
Thesis topic: Numerical simulation of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process                                          
Tai Junfei
Thesis topic: Non-destructive characterization of material microstructure                                                                                   
Tay Jie Hao
Thesis topic: 3D Printing of Composites                                                                                                                                                                                     

Ting Guan Heng, Andrew

Thesis topic: 3D printing of recycled glass                                                                                                     
​Vuong Quoc Nghia
Thesis topic: Robotic vision for monitoring the concrete 3D printing process                                    
Wong Shun Yin Wendell
Thesis topic: Computational modelling of selective laser melting process                                                                                     
Yeoh Yong Chen
Thesis topic: Decoupling part geometry from microstructure in directed energy deposition technology: towards reliable 3D printing of metallic components

​Zeng Zhuohong
Thesis topic: Application of design methodologies and tools for novel design and redesign of metal additive manufacturing products for marine and offshore applications
Zhang Ee Teng
Thesis topic: Dynamical responses of 3D printed structures with topological optimisation in UAVs
Zhang Yongjie
Thesis topic​: A data driven design strategy to improve quality in additive manufacturing
Zhou Aiwu
Thesis topic: 3D-printed micro magnetic tools for magnetic digital microfluidics                              
Zhou Yi
Thesis topic: Thermal performance of three-dimensional printing materials                                         
Dr. Ahmad Bin Anwar
Thesis Title: Large scale metal-based additive manufacturing: study of the effects and removal of spatter by inert gas flow
Dr. Aphinyan Suphanat
Thesis Title: Numerical characterization of nano-droplet formation in 3D nano-inkjet printing

Dr. Aprilia Aprilia

Thesis topic: 3D model reconstruction of damaged parts in an automated remanufacturing process using additive manufacturing technology

Dr. Benjamin Ho Chee Meng
Thesis Title: 3D printing for biological applications​                                                                                     
Dr. Biranchi Panda
Thesis Title: 3D printing of high-volume fly ash mixtures for digital concrete construction
Dr. Cai Xingfang
Thesis topic: Subsurface defect characterization using laser ultrasonic technique for metal additive manufacturing
Dr. Chandra Shubham
Thesis Title: Experimental and numerical investigation of grain growth in electron beam additive manufacturing process
Dr. Clarrisa Choong Yu Ying 
Thesis Title: 3D printing of shape memory polymers via sterolithography process                                    
Dr. Denise Loh Loong Ee
Thesis Title: Selective Laser Melting (SLM) of aluminium alloy: Numerical modelling and material properties characterisation
Dr. Du Zhenlin
Thesis Title: Aluminium alloys and nanocomposites manfactured via friction stirring and 3D printing processes
Dr. Eric Guntur Adiwati
Thesis Title: 3-D direct printing of silicone meniscus using a novel heat-curing extrusion based silicone printer​
Dr. Gan Mingxuan
Thesis Title: Developing process for selective laser melting of lithium aluminosilicate glass ceramic
Dr. Gautam Rinoj
Thesis Title: Performance of additively manufactured kagome unit cells and its sandwich structures
Dr. Goh Guo Dong
Thesis Title: Process-structure-properties of additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite
Dr. Goh Guo Liang
Thesis Title: Aligning carbon nanotubes via aerosol jet printing for flexible electronics​
Dr. Govdeli Yunus
Thesis Title: Lightweight 3D Printed UAV                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Dr. Hegde Chidanand
Thesis topic: Additive manufacturing of alloy and multi-metal oxide coated electrodes for electrolysis of water
Dr. Hyunwoong Ko
Thesis Title: Design for Additive Manufacturing in Customised Products                                                                                           
Dr. Jiao Jiannan
Thesis topic: Femtosecond laser additive manufacturing of nonlinear and fluorescent optical structures
Dr. Kenny Hu Kan
Thesis Title: Additive 3D lithography for manufacturing soft polymeric microstructures                        
Dr. ​​Khoo Zhong Xun
Thesis Title: 3D printing of shape memory alloy-based smart structures​                                                            
Dr. Kok Yi Hong
Thesis Title: Study on the anisotropy and heterogeneirt of microstructure and mechanical properties in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V parts by selective electron beam melting
Dr. Lao Wenxin
Thesis Title: Variable geometry multi nozzle assembly for construction                                                                        
Dr. Le Dinh Truong Son
Thesis Title: Femtosecond laser-induced graphene for flexible electronics​​                                         
Dr. Le Kim Quy
Thesis Title: Computational modeling of selective laser melting process​                                             
Dr. Lim Chong Heng
Thesis topic: Novel heat treatment methodology for residual stress relieve of AlSi10Mg without compromise of mechanical strength

Dr. Liu Zhixin
Thesis topic: Optimisation studies and modelling of material flow in 3D cementitious material printing                                                                                                                                                                            
Dr. Lee Jia Min
Thesis Title: Directed cell alignment via extrusion-based 3D bioprinting for cardiac tissue engineering
Dr. Lee Jian Yuan
Thesis Title: Fabrication of novel nanocomposite membranes and 3D printed spacers for forward osmosis process 
Dr. Lee Tsung Han
Thesis Title: Modification of Nanoporus Silver Cathode with Enhanced Performance and Thermal Stablilty for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells by Additive Manufacturing​
Dr. Lee Yilin Amelia
Thesis Title: Reversible 4D-printing of shape memory polymers using heat and ethanol swelling
Dr. Li Huijun
Thesis Title: Study of hydrogels for 3D printing of constructs with strong interfacial bonding
Dr. Lim Jian Hui
Thesis Title: Investigation of novel 3D-printing methods for freeform construction
Dr. Liew Wen Loong Andy
Thesis Title: Vascularization of 3D tissue engineered constructs using laser-based printing technology
Dr. Liu Kang Yu

Thesis Title: Improving the Thermal Stability of Nanoporous Metal Electrode Thin Film for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Dr. Low Mun Ji
Thesis Title: Hybrid 3D printing by combining subtractive and additive                                                 
Dr. Lu Bing
Thesis Title: Mixture design and processing of novel spray-based cementitious materials for 3D printing​
Dr. Lu Qingyang
Thesis Title: In-situ monitoring of the selective laser melting process                                                        
Dr. Mehndiratta Mohit
Thesis Title: Optimization based control of additively manufactured UAVs                                         
Dr. ​​Milan Shrestha
Thesis Title: Smart window for tuning transparency and noise absorption                                         
​Dr. Nicholas Tham
Thesis topic: Investigations into femtosecond laser hybrid manufacturing for 3D power sources     
Dr. Ng Wei Long
Thesis Title: Development of pigmented human skin constructs via 3D  drop-on-demand bioprinting
Dr. Nguyen Wei Liang Keith
Thesis topic: Towards automated damage detection for in-situ remanufacturing                                          
Dr. Pae Jian Yi
Thesis topic: Investigations into optical biosensors in visible-NIR wavelength band for disease detection applications
Dr. ​​Pham Minh Tuan
Thesis Title:  Design and 3D printing of compliant machines                                                                   
Dr. Pham Tien Hung
Thesis Title: Time-optimal Motion Planning and Control​                                                                         
Dr. Pojchanun Kanitthamniyom
Thesis topic: 3D printed magnetic digital microfluidics for biomedical applications                          
Dr. Ratima Suntornnond

Thesis Title: Development of novel hydrogel composites for bioprinting and engineering of thick tissues
Dr. Sacco Enea
Thesis Title: A predictive failure analytic method for 3D printed components using a Stochastic Markov Model
Dr. Saengchairat Nitipon
Thesis Title: Experimental Study of 3D Printed Electronics                                                                                                  
Dr. ​See Yao Song
Thesis topic: Enhanced flow boiling heat transfer with fractal-like geometrical structures fabricated by additive manufacturing
Dr. ​​Shukri Bin Abdul Jalil
Thesis Title: Optimization of 3D printable cellular array structures for cushioning                                    
Dr. Sing Swee Leong
Thesis Title: Selective laser melting of novel titanium-tantalum alloy as orthopaedic biomaterial
Dr. Sun Zhongji
Thesis Title: Additive manufacturing of austenitic alloys with high strength and high ductility by selective laser melting
Dr. Tan Hong Wei
Thesis Title: 3D Printing of Embedded Electronic Components                                                                    
Dr. ​​Tan Hong Yi, Kenneth
Thesis Title: Fabrication of metal and oxide with porous features by selective laser melting ​
Dr. ​​Tan Jiaying Lisa
Thesis Title: Development and optimization of polypropylene-based powders for selective laser sintering                                                          
Dr. ​​Tan Jie Lun
Thesis Title: Multiple material additive manufacturing platform                                                             
Dr. ​​Tan Kwang Jiang Morris
Thesis Title: Supply chain contract design for additive manufacturing                                                  
Dr. ​​Tan Pengfei
Thesis Title: Multiscale modeling of additive manufacture-laser welding                                                        
Dr. Tan Wen See
Thesis Title: 3D printing of feed channel spacers for spiral wound membrane module​​                    
Dr. Tan Yong Sheng Edgar
Thesis Title: Biofabrication of Choroid-Retina Tissue Construct for Modelling of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Disease
Dr. Tan Yu Jun
Thesis Title: Hybrid bioengineering of tubular constructs for esophagus by melt-drawing and 3D bioprinting​
Dr. Tay Yi Wei Daniel
Thesis Title: Large scale 3D concrete printing : process and materials properties                                
Dr. Tey Cher Fu
Thesis Title: Laser Melting of Ti Alloy - Cu Alloy - Stainless Steel Multiple Material Part
Dr. Teoh Ee Mei Joanne
Thesis Title: 4D printing of polymer-based smart structures by thermal activation                            
Dr. Tran Van Thai
Thesis Title: Inkjet printing of ZnO thin film semiconductor for 3D additive manufacturing of MEMS devices
Dr. Vo Xuan Quoc
Thesis Title: Contact line dynamics of droplets under electrowetting action​                                        
Dr. Wang Chengcheng
Thesis topic: Study on process parameter optimization for electron beam melting additive manufacturing                 
Dr. Wang Jingjing
Thesis Title: Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties of A131 EH36 steel additively manufactured by selective laser melting and direct laser deposition
Dr. Weng Yiwei
Thesis Title: Development and optimization of 3D printable cementitious composites for printing applications​
Dr. Wong Kin Keong
Thesis Title: Study of heat transfer enhancement surfaces generated by additive manufacturing techniques
Dr. Wu Wenjin
Thesis topic: Additive manufacturing of high tensile strength steel for offshore and marine 3D complex joint applications
​Dr. Yang Wenjing
Thesis topic: Design and development of 3D-printed polymeric structures for acoustic absorption
Dr. Yannapol Sriphutkiat
Thesis Title: Development of acoustic nozzle for 3D printing​                                                                  
Dr. Yao Xiling

Thesis Title: A design framework for product families implemented with additive manufactured variable platforms ​​​
Dr. Yap Chor Yen
Thesis Title: A semi-empirical modelling of selective laser melting                                                         ​
Dr. Yuan Shang Qin
Thesis Title: Development and optimization of selective laser sintered-composites and structures for functional applications

Dr. Zhang Meng

Thesis Title: Fatigue Analysis of SLM Components under Thermal Loading                                                        
Dr. Zhang Xu
Thesis topic: Large-scale 3D printing with multiple mobile robots for building and construction
Dr. Zhuang Pei (Daisy)
Thesis Title: 3D bioprinting of biomimetic skeletal muscle tissue model​