Final Year Projects



Project Title


2020/211Integration and Testing of satellite solar panel with COTS batteryGan Wei Wei
2Characterization of sensors and hardware in loop testing of attitude determination algorithms on embedded systemGoh Yen Yee
3Atmospheric gravity wave identification and characterization through satellite data and numerical modelingSamuel Goh
4Flywheel-based energy and attitude control systemNeo Ming Shien
5Using bloc​​kchain technology for the IoT and satellite securityKaeselitz Ted
6Satellite mesh-network routingMohamed Ifthar Bin Mohamed Fazlulkareem
7Raw GNSS measurements from smart phone 2Ng Hao En
8Development of a Software GPS ReceiverTan Chun Huat
9A Simulink/LabVIEW Toolbox for Software-GPS ReceiverLau Sheng Jan Alistair
10Raw GNSS Measurements from SmartphonesEdmund Chia Yong Kiat
11Build Your Own Escape RoomEmily Tan Siok Hwee
12Escape Room Design and ImplementationZhang Hongyang
13Deep Anomaly Detection for Inspection of Microscopic ImagesYao Jinyu
14Development of a high gain deployable S-band antenna for small satellite data transmissionZhao Manli
15Integration and testing of Mobile Ground Station for satellite communicationLee Wei Fan
16Capturing a Cooperative Space Debris using a Robotic Arm based CubeSat SystemLaveneishyan B Mogan
17Efficient navigation using GNSS-Inertial Navigation SystemsDione Goh Wan Yun
18Efficient navigation using multi-GNSS systemsKwan Benedict
2019/201Design, prototyping and testing of multispectral photometer sensor cubesat board for SCOOBI student satelliteOh Zhe Hao
2Satellite Center of Mass and Moment of Inertia Test BedCampbell Andrew Scott
3Antenna sizing and testing of SCOOBI Nano-SatelliteZahier Afiq Bin Zainal Abidin
4Testing and performance characterization of a Passive Magnetic Attitude Control system for a Nano-SatelliteTan Yong Kai
5Design and Development of a Portable Satellite Tracking Ground Station. Part I - Antenna and tracking mechanismMuhammad Fariq Bin Mohd Isa
6Design and development of a double deployable solar panel for micro satellite platformJotham Malcus Clement
7Design and Development of a Portable Satellite Tracking Ground Station. Part II- Software Defined Radio and Command Control software developmentQuek Wen Jie
8Integration and Testing of SCOOBI satelliteXiao Feng