Published on 10 May 2024

Ground-Breaking Entrepreneurs: Discover NTU's Home-Grown Leaders & Innovations

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) is home to some of the world’s ground-breaking innovations developed by home-grown entrepreneurs. Here, we offer a glimpse into entrepreneurial stories and achievements that testify to the power of hard work, determination, and innovation.

Ng Shan Shan, an alumna of NTU FlexiMasters in Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme, manages her family’s farms in China to supply fresh produce to Hong Kong. Shan Shan decided to enrol in the programme to gain insights into founding companies and financing, invaluable for her future business expansion endeavours.

Through the programme, she deepened her understanding of innovation and enterprise, inspiring her to pivot her business towards embracing new technologies such as hydroponics. She recognised the importance of being agile to stay ahead in an ever-changing business landscape. This is not only in the best interest of her business, but it also minimises environmental repercussions.

“Though the business is stable, the market demand is constantly changing. So, I’m always learning the direction of the market and looking for new opportunities,” stated Shan Shan.

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Kelvin Kok, a civil servant for over two decades, decided to take the ultimate leap of faith and transition into entrepreneurship. Despite tough contemplation, Kelvin realised he might regret missing the opportunity to explore new possibilities.

He co-founded a defence technology/experimentation consultancy after overcoming countless challenges startups often encounter due to their small size. Fuelled by grit and determination, he strategically tackled these obstacles by leveraging his strengths and extending beyond his capabilities.

As an advocate for lifelong learning, Kelvin enrolled in the Master of Science Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme (MSc TIP) at NTU Entrepreneurship Academy (NTUpreneur) to enhance his skills and knowledge in business operations management. He believes that a balanced approach of academic and industry-relevant skills contributed to a well-rounded learning experience for him to acquire the necessary qualities to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

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Another alumna of MSc TIP - Angelina Terlaki was recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 list in the Enterprise Technology category. Angelina emphasises that creative thinking is essential for one’s problem-solving skills as a leader. Beyond founding a startup, she expresses her passion for technology and design thinking. Recognising NTU's robust research background, Angelina saw it as an ideal environment to pursue her entrepreneurial goals, gaining industry-relevant market exposure and support for technology commercialisation.

Her journey showed her the importance of building a cohesive team with a shared vision, a major challenge for startups. She strives to share her experiences by having her team be a part of NTUitive, where they support startups in their entrepreneurial journey. Angelina advises aspiring entrepreneurs to adopt a purpose-driven mindset and align their business ideas with the problem they want to address.

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Abhilash Pillai was empowered to take more calculated risks upon completing the MSc TIP programme. During the programme, he gained a reliable business network and an entrepreneurial mindset. The seed of starting his own business was sown during the programme, leading him to establish four companies while managing a mid-sized law firm founded in 2020.

He initially pursued the programme to enhance his skills as a service provider. However, inspired by his lecturers and course mates, he started considering entrepreneurship. Reflecting on his journey, he mentioned: “When I was working elsewhere, I was living someone’s dream. It was not my dream. The job that you have is a parachute, you're falling and it's holding you. But when you don't have it, what happens?”

Abhilash advises prospective entrepreneurs to look at continuing education, like the MSc TIP, as a stepping stone towards the next chapter of one’s professional journey.

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*Source: NTU Entrepreneurship Academy