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Mentorship Clinic

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The Mentorship Clinic is a new initiative by NTU Entrepreneurship Academy (NTUpreneur) set up to accelerate the entrepreneurial journeys of students. Meet more than 20 mentors consisting of faculty, staff, and alumni industry practitioners across different industries.  Make an appointment to see the mentor whose expertise is closest match to your needs. The clinic opens once a week, mentorship is on 1-1 basis, and for 30 minutes. Students are required to provide information on advice required from the mentor in the mentorship booking system.

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NTU Entrepreneurship Academy (NTUpreneur) Gallery

Through our events, NTC aims for every participant to experience the process of bringing an idea to fruition, from developing embryonic concepts to executing viable prototypes. Beyond theory, we have invited numerous speakers over the years who have dabbled in the start-up field to share their ventures.