Short Courses for Professionals

The NTU Entrepreneurship Academy offers a comprehensive suite of courses designed to cater to various stages of entrepreneurial development. These comprise of a dozen elective two-day courses, including an international immersion programme.

From nurturing self-awareness and demystifying entrepreneurship, participants progress to learning how to draft business plans, delve deep into the realm of tech startups, harness disruptive technologies and innovations, understand venture financing, apply digital marketing techniques, leverage data science for sales campaigns, and master social media marketing in today's digital era.

In addition, the curriculum also immerses participants in sustainable practices, aligned with the GreenGov.SG initiative, provides a deep dive into social entrepreneurship with a focus on impact and business viability, and offers opportunities to explore business avenues beyond Singapore in collaboration with SMEs.

Fundamental Courses

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Demystifying Entrepreneurship

This is a 101 fundamental course designed for those who want to find out more about entrepreneurship. This two-day course aims to demystify general perceptions of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurship. Using an in-house Entrepreneurial Qualities Survey, participants will gain a good self-awareness of his or her personality traits and learn how to nurture the qualities needed for entrepreneurship. This course is designed for people exploring a career transition, realising a dream to be their own boss or aspiring to start their own company.

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From Knowing to Discovering: Entrepreneurship Essentials

The purpose of this course is to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to create a business plan. This two-day course is designed for those who have decided to take a step further; from knowing to doing. From identifying business opportunities, market evaluation, risks and rewards of entrepreneurship, to validating and refining ideas. This course is designed for people exploring a career transition, realising a dream to be their own boss or aspiring to start their own company.

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From Discovering to Planning: How to Turn Your Idea into a Business Plan

This is a continuation of the last five steps of developing a business plan from the module “From Knowing to Discovering: Entrepreneurship Essentials”. It covers the concept of the business plan, with step-by-step guides in each session.

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Achieving Market Leadership through Entrepreneurial Marketing

In today’s RUDE environment (Rapidly Changing, Uncertain, Dynamic and Engaging), businesses need to keep ahead of the curve. As Jack Welch famously said, “If you are not one step ahead, you are two steps behind.” A business that is both market-driven and market-driving is more likely to sustain its competitive advantage.

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Intermediate Courses

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The Power of Disruptive Innovation to Craft Winning Strategies

Entrepreneurial opportunities are widely embedded in disruptive innovations. The two-day course enables the participants to understand how to leverage disruptive innovation, respond to change and start their business. It will help participants develop ability to innovate by generating more ideas and putting them into action through entrepreneurship. Experiential learning and peer sharing are important learning components of this course.

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Creating and Developing a Tech Start-up

The purpose of this course is to provide an in-depth guide to the steps, tips and tricks of launching a tech start-up. The two-day course covers all topics along the trajectory of a tech start-up, from understanding the latest technologies, identifying technology commercialisation possibilities, developing a prototype and business model, to going to market. It is also complemented by the number of case studies of tech start-ups, both successful and unsuccessful.

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Venture Capital Financing: Identifying Funding and Working with Investors

This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge of how new ventures are financed. The two-day programme covers the investment cycle, the types of investors and investments, the venture finance process, investment principles, valuation models, and practical skills to navigate the funding process and assess project valuations and financial projections. Networking with venture debt financing, legal advisor and mentors will be organised.

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Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Digital Era: Customer Experience

This course aims to equip participants with a toolkit of digital marketing practices to acquire and retain profitable customers. Digital marketing has become a support mechanism for entrepreneurs to use in developing and strengthening their relationship with customers. This two-day course introduces various entrepreneurial marketing strategies and campaigns to bring customers a unique experience through their innovative products or exemplary customer services.

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Data Science in Entrepreneurial Marketing

This course aims to provide participants with fundamental knowledge and skills in data science necessary for developing a marketing plan and launch a marketing campaign. The two-day course introduces a series of tools, libraries, datasets and algorithms, and uses cases of data analysis solutions to real-world problems. The learning design for this course aims to provide participants with hands-on experience and use technology to assist in data science, example; ChatGPT.

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Entrepreneurial Branding of Start-ups and SMEs

A number of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may have the right product, price, place, and promotions (the 4Ps of marketing), but they often struggle to get far, let alone attain market leadership. One important reason for this is their tendency to focus solely on their 4Ps and neglecting the crucial aspect of branding.

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Advanced Courses

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Social Media Marketing: From Knowing to Doing

This solid theoretical and practical course aims to help business owners and marketers to reach out to their potential customers. After COVID-19, social media marketing took off and has become a powerful and effective tool for businesses. Great marketing on social media can bring about remarkable success to your business, create devoted brand advocates and drive leads and sales.

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Green Economy for Practitioners

This course aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to be a sustainability practitioner. Participants will learn about sustainability targets, measurements, and reporting requirements. Participants will learn how to develop and operationalise sustainability reporting, including data collection and analysis, and draft plans and initiatives in accordance with and other sustainability reporting requirements. The two-day course covers a brief theoretical concept of the green economy, with special focus on sustainability measurements and reporting.

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Social Entrepreneur: From Doing Good to Being Great

This course aims to be a sandbox for aspiring social entrepreneurs to start their business ventures or scale up their startup businesses. The two-day course provides social entrepreneurs with a good overview of why, what, and how to be a social entrepreneur. Starting with an end in mind, the course aims to prepare the participants not just to do good, but have a long-term plan to do great; impacting society while ensuring business viability. Fireside chats to share experiences by social entrepreneurs will be the key feature of the course.

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Act Locally, Think Globally: Overseas Business Immersion Programme

This course is designed for participants who want to explore business opportunities beyond Singapore. Together with SMEs, the five-day programme is for participants who have attended NTU's CET courses and want to learn more in going global.

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