The UN Social Forum 2023


About The UN Social Forum 2023

Join the United Nations Social Forum 2023 and be part of an international community in shaping the future of human rights through science, technology, and innovation. As one of the leading educational institutions for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Asia, NTUpreneur believes in empowering our students and alumni to make a difference in the world.

In partnership with NTUpreneur’s MSc TIP alumni, this initiative nurtures youth-driven entrepreneurship to address crucial social and environmental challenges. 


Key Benefit

NTUpreneur offers* two NTU students and/or alumni the opportunity to contribute your voice and ideas to this global platform in Geneva. 

*NTUpreneur covers your return air tickets and lodging. 



Eligibility and Application:

All current matriculated NTU students and alumni (undergraduate or postgraduate) are eligible to apply. Applicants are required to submit applications in the form of written essay with supporting documents to address the Evaluation Criteria. 

Application deadline: 4 Sep 2023

Submission requirements

Students will be required to submit an online Essay (PDF or MS Word document of no more than 1500 words). All contents must be in English. The essay has to be kept at six pages and double-spaced

Research references for the main essay can be attached/included as appendix/supporting files.


Shortlisting Process, Results and Sponsorship

  • Shortlisting and selection timeline will be from 4 - 14 September 2023.
  • The selection committee will host interviews for the shortlisted applicants.

Up to five shortlisted candidates would be called for an interview, and two candidates would be selected. 


Evaluation Criteria

Participants will be judged based on the following criteria: 

  1. Leadership
  2. Passion for solving social or environmental challenges
  3. Community service
  4. Innovation and entrepreneurship
Criteria Description Weightage

Demonstrate leadership experience such as past leadership roles in leading teams, organisations, or entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at addressing social or environmental challenges.

Able to articulate a clear vision for creating positive change, inspire others to join their cause, and mobilise stakeholders towards common goals.

Collaborate effectively with diverse individuals and groups, build partnerships, and influence others to take innovative or entrepreneurial action on social or environmental challenges.

Passion for Solving Social or Environment Challenges 

Demonstrate understanding and is committed to promoting and protecting human rights or environmental improvement, relevant challenges.

social justice or environment advocacy and exhibit a genuine passion for addressing these pertinent challenges. Showcase a deep understanding of specific issues and display efforts to raise awareness, advocate for change, and contribute to policy discussions.

Demonstrate drive and resilience in tackling the challenges, including the ability to overcome obstacles and persist in the face of adversity.

Community Service

Involvement and engagement in community service activities, such as volunteering, mentoring, or organising initiatives that have a positive impact on marginalized communities.

Able to understand and empathise with diverse communities, respecting their cultural differences and effectively engaging with their needs and concerns.

Partner and collaborate with local community-based organisations or NGOs, to showcase commitment to grassroots engagement and community empowerment.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Creative and innovative problem-solving when addressing challenges, developing new approaches, and identifying unique opportunities for impact. Articulate the social or environmental challenges in the grassroots community work and propose viable solutions.

Possess an entrepreneurial mindset to seize opportunities, take calculated risks, and apply entrepreneurial principles to the work in addressing social challenges.

Proven track record of implementing innovative projects, programs, or initiatives that have made a tangible and sustainable impact on communities, as well as their potential for scaling their efforts.


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee comprises the Academy Director of NTU Entrepreneurship Academy, NTU leadership representative(s) and members from the industry.

NTU Entrepreneurship Academy may modify or cancel the above at its discretion.


Application Deadline: 4 Sep 2023

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