Mr Lim Swee Say

Mr Lim Swee Say
Adjunct Professor

Former Member of Parliament of Singapore
Former Minister for Manpower
Former NTUC Secretary-General

Mr Lim Swee Say joined public sector in 1976. Before entering politics, he held leadership positions in Singapore’s National Computer Board and the Economic Development Board.

Mr Lim firmly believes that the end objective of exploiting technological advances and achieving economic progress is to enhance the standard of living and quality of life of the people. He joined the Labour Movement in 1996 and entered politics in 1997 to serve in various capacities including Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology, Minister for Environment, Second Minister for National Development and Minister in Prime Minister Office. He also served as the Secretary General of NTUC from 2007 to 2015, and was appointed Minister for Manpower on 4 May 2015. He stepped down from the Cabinet in May 2018. ​​​​​​




林先生坚信取得科技发达和经济发展的最终目的是提高人民的生活水平和素质。1996年,他投身职工运动,并在1997年从政。林先生曾先后担任不同的政治职务,包括贸工部政务部长,资讯科技部政务部长,环境部长以及国家发展部第二部长。2007 至 2015年间,林先生年担任全国职工总会秘书长一职, 同时兼任总理公署部长。2015年5月至2018年5月,林先生曾受委担任人力部长。