Research and Fellowship

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) is a top-notch global research-intensive university. With a rich history spanning half a century, it has nurtured a long tradition of learning, laid down a firm ideological foundation rooted in Asia and renowned for its academic pursuit of truth through a globalised and society-oriented lens. Nestled in NTU’s scholarly environment, the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) has emerged as a first-class academic institution that provides education and training for Chinese officials and senior officials from Southeast Asia. NCPA, in following NTU’s academic tradition of pursuing truth and excellence, aims to facilitate education through research. With its commitment to knowledge innovation, NCPA actively encourages its academics, adjunct professors and Lien Fellows to conduct studies on public administration and policy in China, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Research Niche

Accumulating rich knowledge and experience as a premier institution of trainings and education in public administration, NCPA has gradually make significant research contributions and open up a new distinctive arena in policy-oriented research. 


With NTU’s continued rise as a leading research university, its research has evolved to be more collaborative, global and interdisciplinary in nature. In line with NTU’s interdisciplinary research strategy, NCPA will place greater emphasis on our pursuit of quality and uniformity of excellence in research and collaborate with outstanding scholars and practitioners from all over the world to conduct interdisciplinary scientific and empirical research that integrate arts, humanities, sciences, engineering, business and professional perspectives.