Published on 22 Dec 2022

NTU's REIDS on Pulau Semakau Exemplifies Singapore's R&D Efforts on Grid Resilience - Prof Madhavi Srinivasan & Prof Subodh Mhaisalkar

We are delighted to share that Professor Madhavi Srinivasan, Executive Director of ERI@N, and Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar were featured in ST’s The Sunday Times on 18th December 2022 for their commentary on NTU's Renewable Energy Integrated Demonstrator-Singapore (REIDS) project on offshore Pulau Semakau. 

The test bed led by ERI@N comprises solar photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine that generates electricity through a system of interconnected microgrids – one of the largest in Southeast Asia – offering a real-life test bed to explore how different renewable sources work with energy storage systems like batteries. The project aims to help Singapore design smarter and more resilient grids for the future.

The REIDS initiative comes as Singapore endeavours to ramp up its share of renewables, with a goal to produce 2 gigawatt-peak solar energy that will constitute 3% of the country’s total electricity, by 2030.

For the full news feature on ST’s The Sunday Times, please read here.