Published on 11 Apr 2024

Low-Carbon Energy Research (LCER) Programme Phase 2

We are pleased to share that the following faculty and research staff have been awarded the Low-Carbon Energy Research (LCER) Programme (Phase 2) for their research programmes: 

Professor Jason Xu Zhichuan (Lead PI): "Development of On-site, On-demand Ammonia-to-hydrogen e-cracking Bench-top Chemical Mini-factory".

Dr Kamal Elouarzaki (Lead PI): "Development of Decentralized, On-demand Ammonia-to-hydrogen e-cracking Chemical Mini-plant Using Decoupled Split pH Fuel Cell".

Professor Alex Yan Qingyu (Team PI): "Energy-efficient Ammonia Cracking by 3D Printing and System Optimisation".

About the LCER Phase 2
The Low-Carbon Energy Research (LCER) Programme, funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) and hosted by A*STAR, aims to advance low-carbon technologies and decarbonize the power and industry sectors. Phase 2 of LCER includes initiatives like the Directed Hydrogen Programme (DHP) and Emerging Technology Grant Call (ETGC). The DHP focuses on building hydrogen capabilities across the supply chain, while the ETGC supports R&D in low-carbon energy areas at lower technological readiness levels.

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Xu, Prof Yan and Dr Elouarzaki!