Published on 20 Feb 2023

Nature Reviews Materials paper - Nanyang Asst/P Kedar Hippalgaonkar

We are pleased to share Nanyang Asst Prof Kedar Hippalgaonkar’s recent review paper titled “Knowledge-integrated machine learning for materials: lessons from gameplaying and robotics” published in Nature Reviews Materials. The review paper was co-authored with Dr Tonio Buonassisi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Nature Reviews Materials paper - Nanyang Asst Prof Kedar Hippalgaonkar

As materials researchers increasingly embrace machine-learning (ML) methods, it is natural to wonder what lessons can be learned from other fields undergoing similar developments. In this Review, we comparatively assess the evolution of applied ML in materials research, gameplaying and robotics. We observe ML being integrated into each field in three phases: first into discrete hardware and software tools (toolset integration); second across different steps in a workflow (workflow integration); and third through the incorporation, generation and representation of generalizable knowledge beyond any one study (knowledge integration). We identify transferrable lessons from gameplaying and robotics to materials research, including adaptive and accessible automation, the gamification of grand challenges to focus community efforts on specific workflow integrations and motivate benchmarks and canonical datasets, and the adoption of hybrid (data-based and model-based) algorithms that combine domain expertise and current learning to economically address high-complexity tasks. We identify opportunities for researchers from different fields to collaborate, including novel ways to represent and integrate a rich but heterogeneous corpus of knowledge (such as heuristics, physical laws, literature or data) with ML algorithms to create new knowledge, and safe and equitable deployment of technologies with societally beneficial outcomes.

The Review Article can be found via the link here:

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