Published on 18 Apr 2022

MSE In The News: Using Local Plants to Remove Toxic Metals From Soil

We are delighted to share that Professor Lam Yeng Ming and her team’s research on using plants to remove toxic metals and metalloids from contaminated soil have been featured in various media.

In this joint research programme with Singapore’s National Parks Board (NParks), Prof Lam and Assoc Prof Tan Swee Ngin, from Academic Group of Natural Sciences and Science Foundation at NIE, discovered that there are existing tropical plant species with phytoremediation abilities native or naturalised to Singapore that could be introduced to remediate contaminated lands.

The findings were published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal – Environmental Pollution, titled 'Assessment of heavy metal and metalloid levels and screening potential of tropical plant species for phytoremediation in Singapore'.

For full media release, visit NTU News: Using local plants to remove toxic metals from soil

"In a small nation like Singapore, land may be repurposed to support new development plans, so it is important that we have a green and sustainable way to remediate land that is contaminated. 
We set out to uncover how to better make use of tropical plants to do phytoremediation and through advanced characterisation techniques, we showed how some of these tropical plant species can be an environmentally friendly and literally a “green” way to remove contaminants in soil."

-Professor Lam Yeng Ming-
(From left) Prof Lam Yeng Ming, Assoc Prof Tan Swee Ngin and PhD student, Wang Yamin, with some of the plants that are able to remove toxic heavy metals from soil. Source: NTUsg

ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) presenter, Ms Dawn Tan (left), spoke with Prof Lam Yeng Ming (right) to learn more about how Singapore’s very own tropical plants in cleaning up contaminated land via an eco-friendly way would be impactful in urban settings like Singapore. Source: CNA YouTube 

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Lam and her team on this excellent achievement!

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