Published on 07 Dec 2022

Livent-NTU Partnership to Accelerate Innovation in Sustainable Lithium Battery Tech - Prof Madhavi Srinivasan

Livent Corporation and NTU have recently announced a joint research partnership to drive new advancements in sustainable lithium battery technologies.

We are pleased to share that Professor Madhavi Srinivasan, the Executive Director of ERI@N and Co-Director of NTU-Singapore CEA Alliance for Research In Circular Economy (SCARCE), will be leading the research collaboration in this joint partnership.

Prof Srinivasan is a renowned academic whose research focuses on the circular economy. She has worked extensively on research initiatives with battery industry leaders and helps advise on public policies for energy and sustainability in Singapore and around the world. She is also the Executive Director of the NTU Sustainability Office, which oversees and integrates sustainability initiatives and innovation across the University and its smart campus.

For the full media release, please visit here.

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