Published on 30 Jan 2024

9th NRF Investigatorship (Class of 2024) - Professor Chen Xiaodong

We are pleased to announce that Professor Chen Xiaodong has been awarded the 9th NRF Investigatorship (Class of 2024) for his project, "Soft Interconnects in Stretchable Electronic Devices: Overcoming the Achilles' Heel for Extensive Deployment". 

This marks the second time Professor Chen has received the NRFI award; he was previously an awardee of the NRFI (Class of 2017). 

Professor Chen's proposal seeks to develop reliable soft interconnects within complex stretchable electronic systems. The proposed study aims to deliver next-generation stretchable electronic devices featuring enhanced conformance, reliability, durability, and scalability, along with cost-effective manufacturing capabilities for various applications in demanding conditions. Professor Chen’s work has the potential to accelerate Singapore’s transition into a global business innovation hub for advanced manufacturing. 

Please join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Professor Chen on this remarkable achievement!

About the Singapore National Research Foundation Investigatorship (NRFI)
The NRF Investigatorship provides opportunities for scientists and researchers to pursue groundbreaking, high-risk research. It is designed to support a small number of excellent Principal Investigators who have a track record of research achievements that identify them as leaders in their respective field(s) of research.

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