Admitted as Year 1

Students may opt for one of the following streams when they start their second year. 

More information on the streams can be found in the undergraduate student handbook here.


All students who are not in the Design or Robotics & Mechatronics stream are in the Mainstream. In the final year, students can choose to major in any one of 6 areas of specialisation.  

Design Stream

Some students may opt for a degree programme with an in-depth specialisation in Design. After the 1st-year common engineering programme, they go on to study most of the core mechanical and production engineering courses, with minor differences. All the prescribed electives are, however, biased towards design. In addition, practical courses and the student's Final-Year project also have a strong design bias.


From AY2019, Design Stream students will be invited to apply in Year 2 Semester 1 for the CoE Work-Study Degree Programme. This comprise about 80 weeks of on-job-training integrated into the 4-year undergraduate curriculum. (CoE Work-Study Degree Programme [WSDP])


Robotics and Mechatronics Stream

(Known as Mechatronics Stream for students admitted as Year 1 from AY2014 and before)

Some students may opt for a degree programme with an in-depth specialisation in Robotics and Mechatronics, where they will acquire specialised knowledge in Mechanics, Microprocessors, Electronics, Software for real-time embedded processors, Robotics, and Servo Motion Control Systems. 

This is a multi-skill programme designed to provide a select group of mechanical engineering students with specialised knowledge and skills in addition to basic mechanical engineering training. Students who are accepted to the Robotics and Mechatronics Stream would have common curriculum with all MAE students in Year 1. They will then be introduced to mechatronics in stages through course lectures and design projects. Design classes and projects, including the Final Year Project, form one of the pillars of the Robotics and Mechatronics Stream.​