I started my PhD in Public Policy and Global Affairs (PPGA) in 2017. Since then, I have had numerous opportunities to work with colleagues from diverse academic backgrounds and further hone my research and teaching skills. I fondly recall one such opportunity in that I worked with an interdisciplinary team of research peers from the Psychology Programme and the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering to draft a research proposal that advanced an ethical governance framework to address key issues that can be created by increasing artificial intelligence influence on Singapore society, which won the Commendation Award at the NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH)’s Ideas Challenge: ​AI for Humanity’. Looking back at the last four years, I would like to thank my PhD supervisor Prof. Kim Soojin for her time and steadfast support in guiding me through my development as a junior academic under the PPGA PhD Programme. Prof. Kim’s supervision and the wider rigorous academic training provided by the PPGA PhD Programme have greatly helped me to further deepen my knowledge and interest in my research areas. This, in turn, has given me the both the confidence and the ability to getting published, for instance, in esteemed peer-reviewed journals and by esteemed academic book publishers. It has also given me the confidence and ability to present in top international conferences pertaining to my field, such as the American Society For Public Administration Conference and the International Research Society of Public Management Conference. Another invaluable experience gained from the PhD in PPGA Programme as a whole is undergraduate teaching experience. I am immensely grateful to the Programme for the privilege and opportunity to tutor undergraduate PPGA courses. One such course was the Contemporary Political Theory course. This undergraduate teaching experience has provided me with the critical pedagogical and teaching communication foundations that have supported me in my current role as an ICC lecturer. The last four years have been a highly memorable and enriching time for me and I will treasure them for many more years to come!

Dr Kwa Kai Xiang, SSS (Public Policy and Global Affairs), PhD, Class of 2022