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Hear from Service Champions

Mr Chua Zheng Hong
Year 2 Student, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

"I joined Community Telehealth Service (CTS) as I wanted to contribute to the health of our communities in a tangible way even in my limited capacity as a student. I really resonated with CTS’s goal of eventually being a community-led project providing accessible and free health screening for residents, and believed in the incredible impact that the project could have on the early detection and management of chronic diseases."

Service Week Champion - Mr Frederick Reinhart Tanoto
Mr Frederick Reinhart Tanoto
Year 1 Student, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP), Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE)

"I joined Community Telehealth Service (CTS) as I would like to serve the community’s healthcare needs more directly. As someone with a healthcare-related research project, I think that it is important to remain aware and rooted to Singapore’s current healthcare needs, one of which is healthy living and ageing. Especially given the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, I believe that a ground-up healthcare initiative such as CTS is much needed to augment our healthcare infrastructure in terms of screening and prevention of chronic disease, and is therefore a worthy cause to champion."

Ms Clarissa Bernice Quah
Year 1 Student, PhD (LKCMedicine)

"Happiness stems from many of life's simple joys. During my undergraduate years, I discovered one of mine through volunteering for the Youth Expedition Project (YEP) and NTU Welfare Services Club's Operation Hope division (RSPOH). I joined the Community Telehealth Service (CTS) project as it provided me with an avenue to continuously engage with our society despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and enhancing community life in trying times has given me an alternative perspective to volunteerism."

Ms Zhang Yichi
Ms Zhang Yichi​
Year 3 Student, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP) & Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE)​

"Throughout my time studying and living in Singapore, I have been supported and assisted in many ways, and now it's my turn to give back to the community. During the past few years volunteering for people with cancer and doing research for people with type 2 diabetes, I have seen many people suffering from chronic diseases, and I strongly believe that the five Early's (Early education, Early prevention, Early detection, Early diagnosis and Early treatment) are very important to every individual. Nevertheless, they might be overlooked due to a fast-paced lifestyle, and even a fear of being diagnosed with diseases. With the aid of advanced technologies, the Community Telehealth Service (CTS) provides a great way of bringing health awareness and preparing the whole community for a greater quality of elder life. Moreover, CTS has afforded me the opportunity to step outside of my research lab and gain insight into the health needs of the elderly in the community. Last but not least, it is my honor to work with such a dedicated group of intelligent, enthusiastic, and like-minded volunteers.​"

Ms Gek Huay Lim
Ms Gek Huay Lim
Year 1 Student, Master of Science (Applied Gerontology)
"Health and well-being matters to me because, with the COVID-19 pandemic, our movement has been restricted with social distancing measures and limited group sizes for social gatherings. This can result in social isolation, frustration, anxiety, and depression. Engaging in art, whether as a creator or an observer, has been shown to have positive health effects, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve one's wellbeing and quality of life. I personally witnessed this through my interactions with the seniors."
Gary Tan

Gary Tan (EEE/2010)
NTU Hall of Residence 4 Alumni Association President (2017-Present)

NTU Alumni Council Member

"Health and well-being matters to me because this pandemic has shown me the importance of overall well-being, especially mental health in our high-pace and stressful society."
Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan (SPMS/2020)
SPMS Alumni Association Secretary (2022-2024)

"Health and well-being resonate with me because people can be suffering but not showing, waiting for help but afraid to share. And sometimes the best comfort is just to know that someone care."
Jaslin Lim

Jaslin Lim (EEE/2019)
Welfare Service Club Alumni Association President (2022-2024)

IMPACT Leadership Programme (Batch 1)

"I volunteer because I always believe in giving back to society as much as I can. Health and well-being matter to me because over the years, I have seen people around me suffer due to the lack of understanding of the importance of Mental Health in society. With the growing pace and increasing stress, it’s always important to know that nobody is the same - all of us cope with stress on many different levels."

"There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business." – Vikram Patel
Kleeve Hoi

Kleeve Hoi (SPMS/2020)
SPMS Alumni Association Vice-President (2022-2024)

IMPACT Leadership Programme (Batch 1)

"I strongly support sustainability living and green movement because we only live once, and there is only one Earth. I often ponder, is this the world I want? As Charles A. Lindbergh put it, “how long can men thrive between walls of brick, walking on asphalt pavements, breathing the fumes of coal and oil, growing, working, dying, with hardly a thought of wind, and sky, and fields of grain, seeing only machine-made beauty, the mineral-like quality of life?” I have decided that at the end of my life, I do not want to be measured by how much I have taken from this Earth but wish to be known for how much I have given back, therefore I volunteer for green initiatives."
Wilson Tong

Wilson Tong (EEE/2018)
Welfare Service Club Alumni Association Executive Vice President (2022-2024)

IMPACT Leadership Programme (Batch 1)

"Health and well-being affect us in every aspect of our life and are often neglected in a fast-paced world. A healthy life starts with a healthy mind. I volunteer in welfare services because I see a positive chain effect – when I help people around me, I benefit too when the community is living better as a whole. Recently, our alumni association organised a beach clean-up and volunteered for the International Migrant Worker Day. I encourage more NTU alumni to come forward and volunteer for a good cause."
Dr Iuna Tsyrulneva

Dr Iuna Tsyrulneva (MSE/2020)
MSE Alumni Association Assistant Programme Head, (2022-2024)

IMPACT Leadership Programme (Batch 1)

"As a foreigner in Singapore, I was impressed by how well the local community received me and supported me along the way, and this is why I quickly embarked on the opportunity to give back to it. Volunteering to me is a multifaceted activity: besides contributing to the greater good and helping make the lives of others slightly better I experience a unique sense of community and bonding that is so characteristic of Singapore. I learned much faster how to find a common language with and better understand the needs of those around me."
Wilson Tong

Emile Chiu (SBS/2022)
SBS Alumni Association President (2022-2024)

IMPACT Leadership Programme (Batch 1)

"Digital inclusion cannot be emphasised further as we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Hence, it is critical to ensure that we, the NTU Alumni body, make efforts to spread digital literacy to the people around us, young or old. Sustainability has also been the recent focus as we have to create an environmentally sustainable world for our future generations to live in. I choose to volunteer because I believe in always leaving the world a better place than before and that those after will see the benefits of it and pass it forward."
Luke Jau

Luke Jau Teng Zhi (MSE/2019)
MSE Alumni Association Programme Head (2022-2024)

"Well-being and sustainability resonate most with me. I think that when these two are well taken care of, the other benefits will come along naturally. In a way, the state of our mind, that is well-being, is closely related to our body state. Sustainability directly impacts our well-being too. Imagine the stress and worry if nutritious food gets extremely unattainable because of unsustainable method of growing or farming."
Zou Xin Elva

Adj Asst Prof Elva Zou Xin
Director, Regional Head of Merchant Growth & Strategic Ops, Grab

Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award 2022

"Coming from the tech industry, I am passionate about digitalisation. That said, we should also invest in minimizing the digital divide. Many students are living in digital poverty, making their online education inaccessible. This will inevitably lead to issues both short-term and long-term. On the other hand, seniors can be left behind as more essential services (eg. healthcare) and social interactions move online. We should invest in providing the right support and systems to make it easy for seniors to connect virtually."

Mohammed Farhan Bin Mohd Firdaus

Mr Mohammed Farhan Bin Mohd Firdaus
Partner, Meet Ventures

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2022

"We need everyone to be empowered in this digital era so that we can progress as a society together where nobody is left behind."

Mr Chow Chun Ping
Director, Genedata

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2021

"Health and well-being matters because there is nothing more important than having a positive body and mind to enjoy everything that we do. Your body and mind are the temple and the only one you'll ever have; I encourage you to love yourself and let the great things in life fall into place naturally."

Service Week Champion - Dr Morgan Zhou

Dr Zhou You Qin Morgan 
Teaching Fellow, National Institute of Education

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2021

"Social Welfare matters to me because it presents an opportunity for disadvantaged families to generate margins and build a desirous vision of the future. I hope to influence lives especially that of children in the sphere of education so that they may determine a purposeful outlook, and plough onwards for positive outcomes to create a better tomorrow."

Ms Alecia Neo
Founder and Artistic Director, Unseen Art Initiatives
Co-founder, Brack
Co-artistic director of Ubah Rumah

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2021

"At Unseen Art Initiatives, we seek to create opportunities for restoring a sense of agency in youth through art-making and to amplify the work of disabled artists. What might an art education system led by youths with visual impairments look like? Can we radically shift the way we engage with access?"

Dr Phan Quang Gia Chuong
Co-founder & CEO, Aliena Pte Ltd
Adjunct Principal Investigator,
Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2021

“Social welfare matters to me because I believe that the success of a society is built upon a strong workforce who feel supported, and respected.”

Mr Tan Song Kok Henry
Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer (China and Singapore), Nexia TS
Managing Director, Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation
Chairman, Nexia China

Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award 2021

"Sustainability matters to me because its our future. If we do not take actions to ensure sustainability of our environment, social and governance areas, there may not be a world for our children, or our children’s children to live in. Take Climate Change as an example, if we continue to allow gaseous emissions and global warming continues, the damage to the earth will be irreversible. We have a duty to steward the earth that has been entrusted to our care. We have to play our part."

Dr Pan Zhengxiang_

Dr Pan Zhengxiang​
Woodlands Citizens’ Consultative Committee ​
Research Scholar, University of British Columbia​

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2021

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Whatever awards we receive, we should always remember our roots. Throughout my undergraduate and doctorate studies, I am grateful for the unwavering guidance, encouragement and care of my family, mentors, professors, staff and peers.​ ​Ask not what Singapore can do for us, but what we can do for our country. NTU has also imparted me with invaluable interdisciplinary knowledge and life skills such as leadership, creativity, problem solving and teamwork. NTU's world-class education has prepared me well to continue my passion in making positive societal impact across multiple domains such as digital inclusion, health and well-being, social welfare and sustainability."​

Mr Narayanan S/O Velayutham
Assistant Director of Public Communications
Ministry of Communications and Information

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2021

"Social welfare matters to me because we as a nation are only as strong as our weakest link."

Ms Lee Ghim Ha Jill
Group CFO, Sulzer Ltd

Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award 2020

"Sustainability matters to me because we need to change our habits and behaviour to help the future of the world."

Mr Johnny Widodo
CEO, OLX Autos Indonesia

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2020

"Digital Inclusion matters to me because it helps many people and small business owners to upgrade their life to a level that they may never ever thought of."

Mr Chen Yongsheng Jason
CEO, Tou Rong Chang Fu Group Limited

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2020

“Sustainability matters to me just like life and education do. What do they have in common? We need to act now, for the good of our future, and our children.”

Mdm Azizah Bte Sapari
Technical Consultant, SMRT International Pte Ltd

Nanyang Alumni Service Award 2020

"Social welfare matters to me as I have always believed that no child should be deprived of a basic education, every family should at least have staple food on their tables and the lives of the elderly poor are looked after.”

Dr Lim Jian Wei Mark
Co-founder & CEO, Aliena Pte Ltd
Adjunct Principal Investigator
Energy Research Institute @ NTU

Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2020

“Sustainability matters to me because this will be the largest collective problem that will have to be addressed by our generation. The answers to tomorrow’s problems will be found in the challenges we are working on today.”

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