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About NTU Service Week

NTU Service Week

NTU Service Week is a week-long event from 22 to 29 January 2022 that galvanises NTU’s wider community to give back to society through volunteerism.

It features service initiatives organised by students, alumni, faculty and staff in collaboration with community partners.

Be Part of NTU Service Week & Scale Your Impact

The generosity of volunteering your time can make a world of difference to someone. Join us in this movement of bringing good to others. Through the collective action of the OneNTU community, we can make a greater impact on society.

Scale up the impact of your volunteerism during NTU Service Week – When you volunteer your time, you accumulate points for your service to the community. At the end of Service Week, these points will be converted and matched by sponsors as a donation to the NTU Priorities Fund to support financially disadvantaged students, bridge the digital divide and address urgent needs of the university. Together with your support, we can make a greater impact for society and our students.

NTU Service Week + Social Impact Week

Social Impact Week (SIW) is an annual event organised by the NTU Welfare Services Club (WSC), in collaboration with several NTU student organisations and community partners. The event seeks to promote the spirit of social volunteerism by creating awareness of the different social causes and inspiring the NTU community to create positive social impact.

The theme for Social Impact Week 2022 (SIW2022) is “Taking Little Leaps”. Through the hybrid of immersive virtual and physical activities, the organisers hope to inspire participants to take a leap of faith and kickstart their volunteering journey. 

On the many activities that resonate with the NTU Service Week causes, NTU WSC President Adele Seah said, “We are glad that the Social Impact Week is held at the same time as the inaugural NTU Service Week. This partnership shows that all of us can take little leaps in volunteerism whether we are students, alumni, faculty, or staff. "  

To find out more, please visit NTU WSC website:

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Make A Difference Today

At NTU, we believe that no deserving student should be denied access to quality education due to their financial situation. Your philanthropy adds up to help the University in a wide array of impactful ways. Join us in making an impact today.